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      NEW Toolbar Changes READ PLEASE!!   08/20/2016

      Please take notice of the recent.....like today.....changes of the Toolbar: 1. The "BROWSE" tab is renamed "HOME" 2. The Technical Documents are under the DOWNLOADS, and is now a TAB Feature.
      NOTE!! ALL Documents, Files, Pictures, and Technical Information is located at this DOWNLOADS
      Hope this makes it much easier for all of the Members to see this tab.  I did this to make it more accessible
      for finding your Documents & Files. All Files, Documents, Technical Information, TSB/SIB/SSP Documents uploaded to this Technical Document tab,
      can be Downloaded! USE these FEATURES, otherwise I will stop all of this work that I consider a waste of time (kinda like I feel
      about the Video Modules that have taken a LOT-O-Time on my part...not to count the $$$$ investment) UPCOMING FEATURE: For those Members that get busy, and forget to close an existing POST, in the next few weeks, we will be
      setting loose a reminder display of the OPEN POSTS that you may have.
      As it is, the database will NOT allow you to POST to the system if you have 3 or more OPEN POSTS. The FEATURE we are implementing will work like this: When a Member logs into the system, you will be directed to an opening page,
      showing you existing OPEN POSTS.  At that time, you can take the time to CLOSE those
      POSTS with a FIX or NOT FIXED.  therefore preventing the Warning Notice. Please........USE these features, it is to the benefit for the Members!!! And I am building the new SERVER Computer for the InfoServer 1 & 2 Applications
      There may be a #3, if I can get this broadband speed increased a bit more..........3TB of
      Diagnostic Information!!
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      NEW FEATURES List!! READ!!   08/22/2016

      To all Members, PLEASE keep an eye on the additional NEW Features that have been added to the site
      over the past two weeks. 1. Mouse-Over Feature on the NEW POSTS list.  Place your cursor over the title of the POST, you'll see a pop-up window
          displaying the Vehicle Information, the initial POST.  Click the tab next to the top right of that window to see the last reply. 2. Changes at the top tabs that was named BROWSE, now renamed HOME, Downloads are now renamed Technical Documents. 3. Have added over 127 new Technical Documents, SIB, TSB, Technical Information. 4. You will soon see a change at your initial LOGIN to the site.  First thing that will display are a list of you existing OPEN
      POSTS.  This SHOULD prevent you from continuing to POST to the site.  The Database will restrict your ability to POST a new
      Issue, if you have 3 or more OPEN POSTS.  So PLEASE, pay attention to this Display when you first log into the site.
      We should have this enabled in a few weeks. 5. The SEARCH Engine..........WOW!  Haven't tried it yet?  If you need a walk through, call, and we'll spend 15
      and you'll see for yourself, how much life is easier in this profession knowing the tools you have on hand. 6. Take notice of the Vehicle Form, as TWO additional Items are being added. A. An additional TEXT Field to enter Transmission Information (egg. Model Number, Type in TEXT Form)
      This will be a great addition to developing API DB for the future.  BTW, looks as if Peter and I were rewarded with a BMW API DB,
      that I will be adding to the system B. Another additional TEXT Field when choosing one fo the 4 Affected Systems Drop-Down Menu to ADD some further
      details to that Affected System.  it's all about the DETAILS! Check here often, as we are continuously adding new stuff and features to make this site as seamless and easy to use
      as possible. NOTE! InfoServer1 is soon to be launched, building machine this week.
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      ISTA / ISPI / VAS / & Other Diagnostic Machines!   09/02/2016

      Greetings to all Members of the Collective! As I have offered the Group a Discount to these Diagnostic Machines, I wish
      to extend another invitation to those that wish to "Belly up to the Bar" the Opportunity
      to slide into one of these setups. I will mention that the investment may seem a little out of reach, but for those that
      have pursued this, you'll find that these Members were glad to see their
      investment immediately pay off. I am offering these Diagnostic Factory Software/Hardware Combo, well within
      a reasonable investment range.  For those that think that Autologic, Launch, Autel,
      and the other Aftermarket Machines will carry the day....................surprise!  They WILL NOT! So before pricing is to go up on this hardware, as I do my best NOT to use that "Chinese Crap"...
      that is the Hardware, and I will go to great lengths NOT to, it may be worth the question: "Do I wish to stay competitive, or retire within the next 2 to 4 years............whether I want to or not?" I have seen enough "Clones" out there...enough "VM versions", and enough of the systems
      that are incomplete in the information configuration.  Think long and hard my friends, as my
      "Family" here is important to me.  And I wish to keep EVERYONE at their "A" Game Level. Call me Brothers & Sisters of The Collective, we'll talk about it. Thanks, and have a GREAT Labor Day Weekend!! Angelo
      10 Ring Tactical/Technical Service
      AEuromotive, Inc.


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