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  2. AWESOME Carlos. I'd have gotten back sooner, but I was distracted getting the details of the InfoServer done for mounting the download capability. Thank YOU for that awesome file and information. I'm sure a lot of these guys will appreciate it! Angelo
  3. Trevor the tool is made by AST. PART NUMBER: AST AU40178
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  5. Would you happen to have a P/N for the dip stick please??
  6. Strainer was 100% restricted. Cleaned pan and replaced strainer with new one and oil change. Oil pressure restored... 18 PSI @ idle 60 PSI @ 2000 RPM Operating Temperature Thanks for everyone's input
  7. Just now fixed it its actually an EXCEL document not WORD. My bad guys.
  8. VIN: WA1DKAFP2BA112179 Production Month / Vehicle Year: May / 2011 Production Month / Vehicle Year: May / 2011 Make: Audi Model: Q5 Prestige Engine: 3.2 TSI CALB Transmission: Automatic 8-Speed Mileage: 44723 Affected System: Engine / Powertrain Engine Lubrication Dipstick Tool Description of Issue: Unknown Scan Tool: VCDS / Vag-ComHey guys, So I know sometimes it's a pain in the behind to try to wait for he oil level in the vehicle to load up to do an oil change. VW/Audi now sell this cool dipstick that is adjustable so you can check the level properly and help with diagnosing bad level sensors. It's a great tool it really is but finding the measurement values for each engine is difficult to find and takes time away from your day even further than having to do an oil change. LOL I've made a EXCEL document that I have attached here that you guys can print out with all the designations as of now with the correct dipstick measurement to set the dipstick. I've also checked to make sure these values are correct so you guys can print it and laminate it and have it at your lift area and just take a quick peek and check levels. Hope this helps. (P.S. I know these work for North American Vehicles) VAG Oil Level.xlsx
  9. I get that alot here as well with first time customers....I will report soon on the repair...
  10. I use Liqui Moly flush in every service with good results. All the VAG's I see with pickup problems are first time customers to me., somehow they seek me out to fix there issues as there regular shop can't, lol. We don't have BG over here but I note it gets rave reviews from most who use it.
  11. Anything we can do for a Family Member, Glad to help!
  12. Why don't you have Jim Call me sometime, and I'll see what I can do for you guys to get a REAL ISTA System setup for the shop. I think that this would be REALLY beneficial, efficient, and profitable for the shop.
  13. Thank you sir!
  14. I wouldn't kid about that Son. I am a cynical SOB , but not when it could cost YOU $$$$. You'll get top know how I think before long, and will be able to tell the difference. If this module will be just a plug-n-play.....YES......go for it. Let us know how it works, as it should. Good Luck, Git er Done.
  15. Are you being sarcastic or is it a possible that it could work.....
  16. Nah, if all it is to Plug-n-Play.............and it works............that's one more out the door, and a fistful of $$$$$$...........GO FOR IT SON!
  17. Hello everyone, my apologies for the late update. I was able to find reliable wiring diagrams using GT1 clone software. I then was able to backprobe the ELV connector, and energized Terminal 15 and Terminal R and verify KOEO components. With both terminals energized i was now able to interrogate the car using the 20 pin connector under the hood. Needless to say, there was NO communication to the ELV and multiple no communication to ELV faults stored in other components. Replaced the ELV and FIXED the problem. Thanks again everyone for your input, it is always apreciated. Fernando The Driving Machine
  18. I was thinking about using RPM Motorsport. They said they can send me a working used unit and code it for me. Bad idea?
  19. What will you code this ECM with. Remember, Bad JUJU to shove earlier BIN Files in a'll turn that module into a "Paper Weight / Door Stop" If you attempt to code this module, verify the i-Level of the existing module. The same BIN File or higher will be safe to do.
  20. We removed the valve cover and double checked the timing. Everything is spot on. I am thinking about getting a DME. Do anyone have any opinions on a USED co that specializes in BMW DME for $499.00 They will Retrieve the EWS Immobo files form my OLD DME & insert then into the USED DME requiring no programming.
  21. Vehicle: Recalls Campaign - Engine Low Oil Level Warning SI B 11 07 03 Engine March 2004 Technical Service Advance Information This Service Information bulletin supersedes S.I. B11 07 03 dated February 2004. [NEW] designates changes to this revision SUBJECT Engine Low Oil Level Warning With Ignition Off MODEL [NEW] E39 (M54, M62TU) with Xenon lights (option 522) produced in 03/03 [NEW] B53 (M54, M62TU) with Xenon lights (option 522) from 10/02 up to 03/03 MODEL II All with M52TU, M54, 554, M56, M62, S62, and M73 Engines SITUATION In certain instances the customer may complain of the low oil level light on or a low oil level message in the check control after the ignition has been turned off. Checking the oil level with the dipstick shows the correct oil level. Important Note: For the complaint of "low oil level message displayed while driving, on X5 4.4 up to 10/02 production", refer to Service Measure B 11 200 04 (January '04). CAUSE I Coding data error in Light Check Module IV (LCM IV). CAUSE II The oil level sensor has been contaminated, reducing the capability of the sensor to accurately determine oil level. CORRECTION FOR CAUSE I [NEW] On a customer complaint basis only, recode the LCM module with DIS CD 34, or higher. CORRECTION FOR CAUSE II [NEW] On a customer complaint basis only, replace the oil level sensor and refill engine with fresh oil. PROCEDURE II Ensure the engine is warm. Loosen oil filter cover to allow engine oil to drain into oil pan. Raise vehicle on hoist. Remove any underbody paneling or reinforcement as necessary to gain access to the sensor. Drain the oil. Disconnect the plug connection (1) and unscrew the three nuts (2) fastening the sensor to the oil pan. Clean the sealing surface of the oil pan in the location of the sensor. Replace the sensor and gasket ring with new parts. Reinstall the underbody paneling or reinforcement and lower vehicle. Tighten the oil filter housing cover and refill crankcase to proper level with new oil. Do not reuse the original oil.
  22. Did you weld the holes in the floor, so "Fred Flintstone" couldn't power / drive the car??
  23. Well this car had an old remote start that had been removed. R terminal is off the ignition switch, and had an old 3m connector. That had been removed but had cut halfway through the wire causing this issue. Thanks 4 the help
  24. Absolutely agree on BG...excellent products....I will update everyone after I get the pan pulled
  25. BG may have changed the designation numbers, as it has been YEARS since I was in the field. I used the 211, as it was very aggressive cleaner for the induction, and if the O2 sensor was weak, it required replacement right after the "Blow Out". I specifically used this when it was time for a Major Service, as the O2 sensor(s) alsogot replaced. Then a HARD drive (Drive it like you stole it), then to the 40Gas for final "Dial-In". Then the can of 44K to finish it off. Love BG products!!
  26. This is what bothers me...we ran BG's 6569 and 12032 chemicals 8 months ago for maintenance. We always run both chemicals anytime we want to rid the engine of sludge and carbon deposits....I am going to be curious what I find.... I thought the 211 was for the induction service which we also prescribe to here...
  27. Thats what I am hoping to find...
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