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  1. AWESOME Carlos. I'd have gotten back sooner, but I was distracted getting the details of the InfoServer done for mounting the download capability. Thank YOU for that awesome file and information. I'm sure a lot of these guys will appreciate it! Angelo
  2. Anything we can do for a Family Member, Glad to help!
  3. Why don't you have Jim Call me sometime, and I'll see what I can do for you guys to get a REAL ISTA System setup for the shop. I think that this would be REALLY beneficial, efficient, and profitable for the shop.
  4. I wouldn't kid about that Son. I am a cynical SOB , but not when it could cost YOU $$$$. You'll get top know how I think before long, and will be able to tell the difference. If this module will be just a plug-n-play.....YES......go for it. Let us know how it works, as it should. Good Luck, Git er Done.
  5. Nah, if all it is to Plug-n-Play.............and it works............that's one more out the door, and a fistful of $$$$$$...........GO FOR IT SON!
  6. What will you code this ECM with. Remember, Bad JUJU to shove earlier BIN Files in a'll turn that module into a "Paper Weight / Door Stop" If you attempt to code this module, verify the i-Level of the existing module. The same BIN File or higher will be safe to do.
  7. Did you weld the holes in the floor, so "Fred Flintstone" couldn't power / drive the car??
  8. BG may have changed the designation numbers, as it has been YEARS since I was in the field. I used the 211, as it was very aggressive cleaner for the induction, and if the O2 sensor was weak, it required replacement right after the "Blow Out". I specifically used this when it was time for a Major Service, as the O2 sensor(s) alsogot replaced. Then a HARD drive (Drive it like you stole it), then to the 40Gas for final "Dial-In". Then the can of 44K to finish it off. Love BG products!!
  9. One of the reasons why I use to push de-carbonizing services. BG Product 211 is GREAT Stuff to do the job, with a can of 44K. I think Chris has a great tip there Michael!
  10. Does this vehicle have a BST (Battery Safety Terminal) located on the B+ Terminal of the Battery?? Has this vehicle been in an accident?? Even a small one?? ZKE 004 terminal R IKE KOM 013 voltage supply terminal R These 2 codes are representing a possible Voltage Issue. But you did state that the battery and charging systems are OK. Clear ALL Codes, and drive vehicle. Then rescan, and lets see what "Gremlin" pops his head out!
  11. Justin, Good idea to do that, but hold off purchasing any other scan tool. I think we should have a chat, regarding this area. Aftermarket scan tools are valuable for first line tooling. But just remember, in 5 years....or less, those tools will NOT fix these high complex cars. Coding and Programming will most likely fix the cars. Call me if you find the time. Glad to help any of the Family make the right decisions.
  12. Not surprised. I had a fistful of plastic!
  13. OK, so you're are following SOP on this, and the details are consistent with the issue you are dealing with. I hope that the guides are OK, mine were disintegrated to the left & right lower. Found plastic pieces in the oil pan. I think we need to look at the Camshaft and Crankshaft timing synchronization as the next step, to insure that the DME is getting the correct "Sync" signal for the trigger. Note! IF you need...and I hope you don't......a DME, you will NOT be able to replace it, as ONLY ISTA can do this PROPERLY. IMMOBO > DME will not work attempting a "Just Replacement" of this. Peter is calling you for some one-on-one conference.
  14. Justin, If you search the database, you'll find a number of POSTS related to this issue. I myself have a 2009 N14 Clubman, and there is a MAJOR recall for the timing chain and tensioner for these model N14 engines. If you had an ISTA (which I build for the members), you could see if this one has had that FREE update performed. And a number of other updates. I have that recall on one of those POSTS in the database. Think I'll have Peter call you, and walk you through the database search. This site is a learning curve, but real smart guys can find what they need. I think you won't have an issue finding this. I see you're using a Snap-OFF tool. The codes may be HEX codes and need conversion.
  15. You may want to check to see if this ABC Module is SCN Coded.........though, I don't think it is. Jivi would know this. And YES, these newer model cars, BBA has been Hit-n-Miss a lot. I'd be surprised if you can find one re-manufactured for less than 60% of a new one.