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  1. " Airbag light goes dim, when horn is pressed" You have some terminal 15 faults. Do a voltage drop test on the IGNITION SWITCH outputs (KL15). hint, hint
  2. Note: a couple if things. This engine is NOT timed at TDC of #1 cylinder. There is an updated torque value for the crank bolt
  3. Get a used one from eBay. $100-200 Plug & Play. Just make sure the Part Numbers match.
  4. I agree looks like the CAS took a dump. Is there a CIP update for the CAS? Do that FIRST!
  5. Looks like the CAS is toast. Did it rain in the trunk? I don't think this should have an MPM back there.
  6. The load adjustment calibration must be carried out for the code to clear.
  7. The coolant shut off valve must have a 2 wire connector going to it, because it is monitored by the transmission module. The valve you are looking at is for the HEATER. Porsche_Coolant_Shuit-off_valve_test.pdf
  8. Let me see if i can borrow an AUTEL from somewhere, and "SEE" what you are looking at.
  9. Do you know anyone close to you with an SDS? I think the AUTEL is your limiting factor now/
  10. The Load Calibration should NOT be affected by bad accumulators. (Accumulator Part # 220-327-0115) X2 How many BAR is the system pressure? (Around 195-200 spec.)
  11. If the fluid is pushed out of the reservoir, you have at least one bad pressure reservoir.
  12. Do you have a MOST bypass loop? BMW Part # 61-13-6-917-541 Bypass the ULF and see what happens.
  13. You are in the calibration menu, it should ask you for height measurements at each wheel. Somehow you wiped the settings....
  14. Will it let you perform an automatic level adjustment?
  15. It should only ask for those last two faults if you wiped OUT the height calibration settings. I don't think the AUTEL is going to to this job (Height Calibration) You also need an alignment rack and a ROMNESS gauge.