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  1. Would you happen to have a P/N for the dip stick please??
  2. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner,,,,,, because I was able to get a like for like battery, I just used the original numbers,,,,,, bang,,, coded perfectly, car excepted the new battery and away she went.
  3. $900.00 for the dealer to supply and fit Audi Q5 battery. I only stock Bosch,,,, so had to buy in a Varta for $190.00. 15 minutes to code and away she went. Bosch don't come with the correct numbering here in Australia and the battery drop down box in VCDS doesn't have BOSCH listed. Although Varta and Bosch are bed mates. Not sure about you guys over there but according to several web sites, Bosch is used in Europe for these vehicles. Couldn't get any further info from my battery dealer, luckily he stocks A limited supply of Varta.
  4. Holy Shit, and that's in the USA,,,,, we still have the rest of the world to count yet.
  5. "Jesus George," how many million air bags are being replaced??? Every man and his dog here are getting new air bags.
  6. Jivi, Will do that,,,,,,, but water is somewhat of a rare commodity here,,,,, but will do as instructed.
  7. Haha,,,,,, What a group,,,,,, after posting on here I went surfing,,,, Bloody bonnet catch's. Of course the bonnet was up, I was checking operation of pump and relays while wife was operating foot brake and gear lever. I'll drop bonnet this morning and fit "New" battery just for laughs. I remember spending hours a long time ago on a VW I think it was,,,, wipers wouldn't work,,,, wife said, "wonder if the bonnet needs to be closed fully",,,,,,,,, "Bitch"
  8. VIN: WBSBL920X0JR02711 Production Month / Vehicle Year: June / 2002 Production Month / Vehicle Year: June / 2002 Make: BMW Model: E46 Engine: L6 3.2L (3152 cc) S52 Transmission: SMG Getrag Mileage: 208000 Affected System: Engine / Powertrain Engine / Transmission / Electrical Selector Angle / Position Description of Issue: NO Communication Scan Tool: J2534 Pass-Thru Related Repair History: None, New to WorkshopSelector Angle Sensor Position Sensor First thing was to check for voltage at Selector Angle/Position Sensor. (Nothing) So, I'm assuming that I should get a voltage at key on, then reference or command voltages when gear lever selects at least 1st or Reverse. Have been able to command gear selection with scanner (engine off) Each selected gear shows up in instrument cluster. Carried out a Adaptation for giggles,,,,,, fails at test 3 number 74. Angle sensor. Scanner show 0.00 voltage. Have searched the world for a wiring schematic of where the sensors get there power, or at least which wire has battery voltage at key on, or is it a 5 volt reference voltage. Anyway,,,,, whatever it is I'll not know until I have a wiring diagram of where the power if relayed from. Going by the size of the wires one would think it should be 5 volts. Can anyone butt in here with some helpful info. Cheers in advance Trevvy
  9. Cool, your link didn't work but found that SIB else where. Many thanks Thomas. Now to explain this to the customer, and to try and explain why the other bits are still missing. Maybe the previous service center found them, and gave them the toss or told the original owner and he flicked the thing real quick.
  10. VIN: WBAB123456LT81676 Production Month / Vehicle Year: December / 2004 Production Month / Vehicle Year: December / 2004 Make: BMW Model: X5 Engine: N62 Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed ZF Mileage: 234081 Affected System: Engine / Powertrain Engine Mechanical / Internal Description of Issue: Unknown Scan Tool: J2534 Pass-Thru Related Repair History: Rear main oil sealI found this item "Pictured" resting on top of the oil filter cartridge of this vehicle. Was in for a badly leaking rear main and slight oil leak from filter housing. Once removed the filter housing gave us two items of concern. First being that previous servoce centre had used a Australian made oil filter,,,,,,, not good as these fall apart. Second issue was this item sitting very happily on top of the filer cartridge. I looked on RealOEM at the oil filter housing and cant get a good idea of where this come from. The filter housing seems to be a non serviceable item. Sorry guys, only had last 7 of VIN CLICK TO ENLARGE!!
  11. I'm going to close this for the moment. New EGR hasn't arrived yet so I dont see the use in leaving this ope until I have the old unit on the bench and can comment on it further. Many thans to the guys who have commented on this, the information received has been that good, that I'm now looking at oils differently. Saying that, I don't think much can be done until I get some OEM oil and have it tested and checked along side my stuff.
  12. I'll do the same
  13. Specs from a Australian made oil,,,, I dont use this but searched for and found this spec sheet. Not much zinc.........but how much is to much? Typical Data Density at 15°C, kg/L 0.852 Viscosity, Kinematic, cSt at 40°C at 100°C 68.3 11.7 Viscosity Index 169 Cold Cranking Viscosity, cP at -30°C 5906 Zinc, Mass % 0.085 Phosphorus, Mass % 0.075 Sulphated Ash, Mass % 0.70 Ca, Mass % 0.162 Base Number 6.62
  14. Ok,,,, so today hasn't been the best in my long life,,,,,,,, talking to my oil supplier, passing information back and forth,,,,, and yes, my 507 oil does have zinc additive, now, my supplier suggested to me to ask Mike for a spec sheet of the 507 he use's, I rung around a few oil suppliers and all of them admitted that zinc was an additive used. Seems they pretty much all buy the additive "packs" which is supposed to be mixed to the dealer spec,s. This is starting to get a little over my head now,,,, I'm busy quoting Mike and then don't have any ammo to back it up. All I wanted to do is make sure MY clients get the best deal. Not surprisingly I, believe what I,m seeing here, but am having great troubles believing that oil company's here are not doing the right thing. But then reading the post about GC Castrol and US Castrol just confuses the matter somewhat more. Surely, Castrol is Castrol,,,, why make GC different to US if there both designed to be poured into VW diesels. Have I missed the point somewhere along the line. I feel more comfortable believing whats posted here as you guys do this day in day out,,,,, I,m not quite that lucky here but still want to learn. One thing I did glean from this is that a majority of so called 507 oils sold here is VW507 Spec,,, emphasis on the "Spec" . Not VW Approved. What could be read into this is that they use this additive pack approved by VW but add some other goodies so as to make it able to be spec'd to other vehicle makes. Thus making it a multi purpose 507 . One person I passed all this info by came up with the theory that you guys have engines different to us,,,,,, I really don't believe that the oil would be different. There used to be an add on tele here years agop with the catch phrase,,,,,, ALL OILS AINT OILS is this becoming more true. So,,,, please, can I have some spec sheets.
  15. Holy Shit!!........ this has opened a can or worms!! This has more than compensated for my fees to this site, this thread alone has justified my spending. Now to convince the "experts' over here, So, what oils do you use Mike, (Brand). I'm going to have to change really quick like.