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  1. Exhaust flap was the problem, stuck open. I replaced it, also connector was corroded. I fixed the connector, erased coded and still working like a Hungry Wolf
  2. Deal
  3. Understand, my Xentry is not responding. Family thanks, I will leave topic open for a few.
  4. VIN: WDDSJ5CB9EN147367 Production Month / Vehicle Year: November / 2014 Production Month / Vehicle Year: November / 2014 Make: Mercedes Benz Model: CLA45 AMG 4MATIC (117.352 Engine: L4-2.0L Turbo (133.980) Transmission: Automatic 7-Speed 724.016 Mileage: 115005 Affected System: Engine / Powertrain Engine / Transmission / Electrical Turbo Boost Description of Issue: Low Power / Surges / Stalls Scan Tool: Autel Related Repair History: JUST BRAKES AND REGULAR MAINTENANCEJust Scanned Codes, Have No Information NOTHING in Alldata Or Mitchell. Power Loss Is ONLY present, when codes are present. Turbo Is Excellent, hoses Are perfect Last scan shows code P13C700: Exhaust flap electrical fault
  5. I'm just BLESSED

  6. I agree with Gary scope just the sensor, and then start from there checking harness continuity to the ABS module, basics always first, do not create a big storm yet
  7. Good job and thanks for sharing awesome repair with members GOD bless America... Normally this kind of issues make us to spend our entire brain and time looking for electrical issues and not mechanical.
  8. Family,,,, problem is solved,, green stuff on driver side under the floor carpet,, sorry took that long due to a personal injury in my right knee that send me to the hospital,,, all good thanks God, thanks for the support and Professionalism. Blessings
  9. compare data from pressure sensor and level sensors relation. Also don't forget pressure sensor at valve block, fails a lot
  10. NO CODES, means coffee and patience for Data and Test,,, are they sitting in rest position or up ?
  11. working on it, already did Cowl panel area, Front passenger seat and Mat, Trans control unit all look good. I will hunt this Bear with a Chinese Pencil, the problem is between KESSY and Main Fuse Box Relay 15, ignition switch is working perfect, well I find to many different names for modules sometimes using the same Source Mitchell, open pins spaces when in real life they are assigned. I will appreciate a better Power Distribuition and KESSY diagrams if is available,,, but THE BEAR IS ALREADY RUNNING FROM ME LOVE THIS GAME
  12. Wiper Motor Internal Park Switch or Front SAM,I will check linkages too before anything, time for DAS XENTRY TEST
  13. using AUTEL, no PIWIS working on it and more... Right now working on it again, double inspecting all the codes, data, removing right side floor mat and seat to verify connections water damage, only problem I do have is juice up this circuit by itself the way is supposed, if I juice it up engine start perfect and runs beautiful with no Lights at all in Cluster
  14. Model: CAYENNE Make: Porsche Production Month: 7 Engine: 4.5 V8 NORMAL ASP Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 72537 Scan Tool Implemented: Other - NOT Listed Affected System: Electrical/Electronic Type of Problem: Battery / Starter / Generator Related Repair History: MAINTENANCE Vehicle Year: 2006 VIN: WP1AB29P66LA68609 Car came in a tow truck unable to Crank, Stuck in Park, communication was OK. using Autel Maxisys did a Auto scan,checked all fuses and performed a visually inspection founding around 3 to 4 gallons of water inside the cowl panel and right side under the floor mat very wet *AHK-CODE #576 Terminal 15 *DME-CODES # P0300,P0305,P0307,P0302,P0564,P1605,U0103,P1614,P1610,P1606,P1608,P0503,P1601,P1613,P0074 *GATEWAY-CODE #15504 *INST CLUSTER-CODES #1299 GATEWAY,778 STEERING ANGLE SENSOR,1315 TIPTRONIC CONTROL M,1316 PSM CONTROL M,2053 TRANSFER BOX CONTROL M *KESSY-CODES #185 RELAY FOR TERMINAL15(ACTIVATION),1315 TIPTRONIC CONTROL M,1316 PSM CONTROL M,576 TERMINAL 15,1299 GATEWAY *VEHICLE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM-CODE #907 LOAD MANAGEMENT OPERATION ON VEHICLE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM / DME CONTROL MODULE. I did start the car already thru fuse #38 at right side of dash fuse box, applying power for a bit and starting, engine runs perfect .if I don't put this juice in fuse #38 car not crank at all, shift stay stuck in park and the whole Christmas tree stays on too in the cluster. all I need is more information about Terminal 15 relay location, circuit and fuses related to KESSY and the repeated codes 1315,1316,fuse #38 on right fuse box actually is always grounded even if I started the engine, supposed to be hot in run & start,, MITCHELL,ALLDATA is all I have and is very confuse WENT TO HUNT THE BEAR,BUT THE BEAR IS HUNTING ME