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  1. Jivi is right. in case you didn't get them I have sent a copy of the instructions to Angelo to post B119550PLUS_version4.pdf There's the correct tool for your needs Angelo
  2. I know if we had a glass to replace it was factory only for safety reasons. These days with all the systems it has to be mandatory.
  3. Mike here is the test plan for P1397 p1397.pdf
  4. Angelo, That link I sent you last week decoded this pretty good
  5. On that car it was the bolts that hold the VANOS adjusters together?? Weirdest thing I had ever seen, back then there wasn't a TSB for it, and even now me looking for it I can't find the same TSB. Figures. Recall Campaign 14V-176: N55 Engine – Replace VANOS Gear Bolts SI B11 08 14 Engine October 2014 Technical Service I have the procedure, too big to load here. BTW we have the long T45 tamper proof socket needed to do this Skip SI B11 08 14 Engine SI B11 08 14 Engine
  6. Guys, The problem is the instructions lost something in the translation from German to Queens English to American - That is how they are translated by Porsche according to a instructor years ago. Both side are not set at the same time, like any other Porsche engine: Set up on TDC time 1-3 Turn crank 360 to BTDC time 4-6 This explains why one side was shutting down, setting up both sides at the same time puts one side 180 off on cam timing Instead of unbolting the squares in the factory tool you just need to pull the tabs out to be able turn the engine over Sorry, I didn't think of this earlier-been in the middle of a few projects Any question please call me 800-848-6657 Thanks, Skip
  7. I missed this originally: RELATED REPAIR HISTORY: Removed engine and trans assemble for reseal of cam housing to head seals. Last step in resealing is set cam timing, like most modern engines the days of eyeballing it or using paint marks are long gone. You can try it, but I talk to guys have tried and after the 3rd or 4th time they have to tear down the motor they get the tooling.
  8. Angelo - those tools are for 996 NA up to 2002 not turbo The 996/997 turbos use different tooling since the are using a different bottom end I tried loading them but I get a warning that I can't see with the black out The timing using plates for the cam timing, it uses chain tensioners that were first used on 964 motors and cam counter holders I email the images to you
  9. If I remember right, the cluster is the Gateway for this vehicle. I remember when teching scan tools and this would happen and the Gateway would be the problem. I can't remember what the solution was.........replace cluster???????? I might be wrong, long time since and too much other crap to remember
  10. These phasers are on stun instead of kill lol Anyway not a good pic but this is all I could find for the coolant shut off valve
  11. Poked around bulletins and found this, interesting that it came out after the above letter CAY_TC.pdf
  12. Hacks at stereo shops, gotta lovum. Might good money straightening their "short cuts" Here are the trouble trees for the faults 996_ALARM_34.pdf 996_ALARM_58.pdf 996_ALARM_60.pdf
  13. I don't know when we are expecting any kits, I am still on the side lines with my shoulder. It was torn to shreds, and the Dr is afraid I will mess it up again, and there isn't enough tendon or muscle to reattach a second time.
  14. Just going by the AGA instructions, N62 says with cams on and N63 says with cams off. Too bad Baum is out of the kit we have, purchasing vs sales lol. The nice thing about that kit is it works on lot motors!
  15. Check the VIN to see if this falls under the BMW customer care package for N63 motors, I am recouping from shoulder surgery so don't have the doc on my laptop one note on the AGA N63 set up - you still have to remove the cams like the set up Baum sells