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  1. Trevor the tool is made by AST. PART NUMBER: AST AU40178
  2. Just now fixed it its actually an EXCEL document not WORD. My bad guys.
  3. VIN: WA1DKAFP2BA112179 Production Month / Vehicle Year: May / 2011 Production Month / Vehicle Year: May / 2011 Make: Audi Model: Q5 Prestige Engine: 3.2 TSI CALB Transmission: Automatic 8-Speed Mileage: 44723 Affected System: Engine / Powertrain Engine Lubrication Dipstick Tool Description of Issue: Unknown Scan Tool: VCDS / Vag-ComHey guys, So I know sometimes it's a pain in the behind to try to wait for he oil level in the vehicle to load up to do an oil change. VW/Audi now sell this cool dipstick that is adjustable so you can check the level properly and help with diagnosing bad level sensors. It's a great tool it really is but finding the measurement values for each engine is difficult to find and takes time away from your day even further than having to do an oil change. LOL I've made a EXCEL document that I have attached here that you guys can print out with all the designations as of now with the correct dipstick measurement to set the dipstick. I've also checked to make sure these values are correct so you guys can print it and laminate it and have it at your lift area and just take a quick peek and check levels. Hope this helps. (P.S. I know these work for North American Vehicles) VAG Oil Level.xlsx
  4. The Q7 and Touareg is pretty much the same vehicle. What i do when i replace with a bosch agm or S5 battery is: I use the serial and vendor and serial number from the picture they show you as an example for the Q7 on Rosstech. Inputting that info has let me code the vehicle to a new battery and it accepts it every time without any issues. The Battery Registration module will accept it and the codes will disappear without you having to clear them. Its worked for me for years with no problems of any kind. Sort of a get around if you're not buying the factory batteries. I do HIGHLY recommend buying the factory battery though. Although I know some customers get iffy about a $400 dollar battery. HOPE THIS HELPS.
  5. Customer has yet to return with vehicle for further testing. Will update upon return of car.
  6. On that car it was the bolts that hold the VANOS adjusters together?? Weirdest thing I had ever seen, back then there wasn't a TSB for it, and even now me looking for it I can't find the same TSB. Figures.
  7. I've seen this before! The last time I saw this, there were no faults stored or no symptoms happening yet. Car was here for oil leak, and it was coming from the oil pan gasket (nothing new). Upon removing oil pan, I found 2 bolt heads sheared at the bottom of the pan just sitting there. Scary stuff to see....especially when you just sold an oil pan gasket job on an X-Drive vehicle that was pretty expensive.
  8. I've had this happen more than once on VW/Audi's, where the rack internally self destructs and causes the same symptoms you are describing.
  9. Jivi, Vent Valve clicks when activated and you can hear and feel it when it is running the diagnosis. And when you say from the fresh air intake on the leak detection pump, do you mean the line that comes from the intake to the purge valve to the LDP?
  10. VIN: WBADT63472CH95365 Production Month / Vehicle Year: March / 2002 Production Month / Vehicle Year: March / 2002 Make: BMW Model: 530i Sedan (E39) Engine: L6-3.0L (M54) Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed Mileage: 96060 Affected System: Engine / Powertrain EVAP System 0000FA Description of Issue: Multiple CODES Scan Tool: BMW OEM – ISTA (Virtual Machine / Clone) Related Repair History: Replaced: Purge Valve, Leak Detection Pump, Charcoal Canister, Fuel Cap.This car has been giving us some trouble here at the shop. The customer has had all kinds of problem in the past with this car, he always fixes it because he loves it. We've serviced his cars for years and aside from this EVAP issue, the car is in great maintenance condition. Almost every single M54 weak point has been replaced. The EVAP code that we keep on getting is fault: 0000FA-DME-Function Check Tank Ventilation The related components that have been replaced have all been replaced due to actual failures with them. So up until now every time the code returns there has been a faulty/failing part on the car. But now they are all new and properly working. We even updated DME to most up to date software using a REAL ISTA. Checked continuity to the components electrically and everything is within spec, voltage where i should have it and grounds are also good. Smoke tested EVAP system and found no leaks from lines, gaskets, or filler neck. When the car performs the test using ISTA it always passes the EVAP test and scan tool recognizes it as a properly functioning system. All the components actuate properly. And the car leaves here with the EVAP readiness monitor set and ready. Yet, a week will pass by and the CEL will return and the code is back, same code every time. At this point I feel like I might have some sort of DME problem and that there is actually nothing wrong with the EVAP system of the car.
  11. Agreed with Angelo, The selection gear on the dash, does it blink 1st or R when moving it into gear? Is the transmission gear light on? Can you hear the hydraulic pump prime when unlocking car/ opening doors? Are there any faults in the SMG Module?
  12. Jay, I believe the valvetronic motors have a 4mm allen opening on top of them to manually release the motor if for what ever reason they stop functioning properly. You can use that manual release to release the valvetronic motor and remove it from the valve cover. What job are you in the middle of doing if you don't mind me asking? Whatever the case may be, after you remove them no matter what, you MUST perform the LEARN LIMIT POSITION service function to the motors BEFORE you start the car. So be sure you can perform this function before you remove the motors from the valve cover.
  13. One of the coolant valves in the cooling system was faulty and so it wasn't opening up properly during bleed procedure. Got valve to open refilled system and air pocket is gone!
  14. Jivi, Have you actually tried it this way and were successful?
  15. VIN: WP0CB2A88DS132411 Production Month / Vehicle Year: August / 2012 Production Month / Vehicle Year: August / 2012 Make: Porsche Model: Boxster S (981) Engine: F6-3.4L Transmission: Automatic 7-Speed PDK Mileage: 14232 Affected System: Engine / Powertrain Engine Cooling System Temperature Swings Description of Issue: INOP / Intermittent Scan Tool: Durametric Related Repair History: Attempted To Perform Coolant FlushI am a bit confused as to what seems to be happening with this Boxster at the shop. Drained the coolant and attempted to refill. Had to access coolant reservoir after putting top in service position (which is a lot of fun by the way) and sucked it down with regular cooling system filler from snap on, which up to now has worked 100% of the time. Filled the system up and went out for a test drive, and car drives great for like 10 minutes, followed up by crazy erratic temperature fluctuations. I mean it goes from 194F and climbs its way up to 248F, and after parking car it drops back down to 201 in less than 5 seconds, which technically is impossible no matter how great those cooling fans are!! Obviously i feel like I have a giant air bubble somewhere or a bunch throughout the system. I don't know how that possible if the car vacuumed down properly. When i did some research found that there is a Porsche special vacuum tool and then its followed up by performing Bleed Procedure on PWIS II 9818. Is that really what's needed to properly bleed these cars??? I mean if that's true that means that we can't touch the cooling system on these cars without the PWIS II! And lastly has anyone found a way to do this without these tools?? Thank YOU!