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  1. I use Liqui Moly flush in every service with good results. All the VAG's I see with pickup problems are first time customers to me., somehow they seek me out to fix there issues as there regular shop can't, lol. We don't have BG over here but I note it gets rave reviews from most who use it.
  2. Drop the sump off and check the oil pickup, real easy to do and doesn't take too much time I see this sort of thing a fair bit, the pickup will be clogged up with carbon deposits. Take the pickup off, soak in degreaser for half an hour then clean it out. Reassemble and all is good again. The oil pressure warning will typically come on under acceleration as the pump starves as revs rise. Did one today on a Golf GTI with 280,000 KMs on it, thing ran much quieter after too, no more chain rattle. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks Matt. Seems to be one of the first things to check on these transmissions, even doing it during regular service's. I recoded the CAS as per the test plan and had no faults in 2 days, although that ACC Wakeup line is still not showing B+ like it should so I'd expect to see it back sometime. Closed for now, thanks for your replies.
  4. According to AL box, yes. I'm out of subs though, would have top renew to do CIP. THEN, if the CAS is still faulty I wouldn't be able to fit a new one, would have to go to the dealer for CIP. This S$#@ is really starting to frustrate me.
  5. VIN: WBAUD32080P220169 Production Month / Vehicle Year: September / 2007 Production Month / Vehicle Year: September / 2007 Make: BMW Model: 120i Engine: N46 Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed Mileage: 45330 Affected System: Electrical / Electronic Controllers / Control Units / System Control K-Can faults, ELV Description of Issue: Multiple CODES Scan Tool: Autologic (Blue Box) Related Repair History: Had ELV counter reset done about 5 months ago.Hi Team. Had this E87 come in with customer complaint of ELV icon in cluster, service message coming up intermittently, speedometer and tachometer frozen intermittently. About 5 months ago I reset the ELV counter and I believe another shop had done this before me so seems to be a recurring issue. Initial scan (attached scan 1) showed a lot of K-Can faults, ELV fault, critical status. Reviewed the fault report and all the K-Can faults not currently present. Test plan for ELV advises to recode the CAS. Cleared all faults and rescanned (attached scan 2), only faults present show comms issues from the CAS. Also looking at module data I do not have B+ at Term15 WUP ACC (attached). So looking for your opinions, has CAS has taken a dive? E87 / Scan 1 FOOTWELL MODULE (FRM) (frm_70) 6 Faults 9CAC Brake light switch faulty E599 No message (driving speed), receiver FRM, transmitter DSC E597 No message from DSC control unit, receiver FRM, transmitter DSC E594 No message (steering angle), receiver FRM, transmitter SZL/LWS/DSC E584 K-CAN line fault E587 K-CAN communication fault JUNCTION BOX ELECTRONICS (JBE) (jbbf70) 4 Faults C907 K-CAN communication fault C908 K-CAN line fault C91E No message (terminal status, 0x130), receiver JBE, transmitter CAS C914 No message (status, air conditioning, 0x246), receiver JBE, transmitter IHKA/SZL MULTIPLE RESTRAINT SYSTEM (MRS) (MRS5) 1 fault 93FB No message (vehicle speed) from DSC, ACSM receiver / MRS5, DSC transmitter BUS DIAGNOSIS (CAN) D359 DSC: No message (instrument cluster 816) DE84 Fzd: k-can wire fault DE87 FZD: K-CAN communication fault INSTRUMENT CLUSTER (INSTR) (komb87) 7 Faults A550 Message (speed, 0x1A0) faulty, receiver KOMBI, transmitter DSC A3A9 Message error (steering column switch cluster signal, 0x1EE), receiver instrument panel, transmitter footwell module A3BC Instrument cluster: Message (communication fault) A3B1 Message error (turn-signal indicator light cycle, 0x1F6), receiver instrument panel, transmitter footwell module A3AD Message (engine data, 0x1D0) faulty, receiver KOMBI, transmitter DME-DDE A3AE Message (engine speed, 0x0AA) faulty, receiver KOMBI, transmitter DME-DDE A3BD Message error (junction box electronics, 0x0C0), receiver instrument panel, transmitter JBE GATEWAY (M-ASK-GW / CCC-GW / RAD2-GW) (RAD2 GW) 2 Faults E184 K-CAN line fault E187 K-CAN communication fault SEAT MODULE, DRIVER (SMFA) (fas_plx) 1 fault E444 K-CAN line fault DYNAMIC STABILITY CONTROL (DSC) (dsc_87) 3 Faults D35A No message (CAS 0x304), receiver DSC, transmitter CAS D359 Message (KOMBI, 0x816) missing, receiver DSC, transmitter KOMBI D358 Message (KOMBI, 0x784) missing, receiver DSC, transmitter KOMBI DIGITAL MOTOR/DIESEL ELECTRONICS (DME/DDE) (mev17N46) 9 Faults 2FAD Engine switch off time, plausibility 31A2 Message error (status, auxiliary consumers, 0x5E0 ), DME receiver, instrument panel transmitter 317E No message (time display/date, 0x2F8), receiver Digital Engine Electronics, transmitter instrument panel 2758 Fuel level sensor 27C6 Fuel level sensor 2 316E No message (status of crash disengagement for EKP electric fuel pump, 0x135), DME receiver, ACSM transmitter / MRS5 30A1 No instrument panel message, DME receiver, instrument panel transmitter 3146 No message (terminal status, 0x130), DME receiver, CAS transmitter 2BC9 Terminal 15, monitoring ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION MANAGEMENT (EGS) (GS1912) 4 Faults CF1E No messages from instrument panel, receiver DKG/EGS, transmitter DSC/KOMBI CF14 No message (terminal status) from CAS, receiver DKG/EGS, transmitter DME-DDE/CAS CF1A No message (status, central locking system) from CAS, receiver DKG/EGS, transmitter CAS/DSC CF22 EGS: message from the JBBF, fault, Alive counter: Vehicle mode CAR ACCESS SYSTEM (CAS) 6 Faults A116 Critical status, electronic steering lock D904 K-CAN line fault D907 K-CAN communication fault A0B5 Fault, road speed signal A0B1 Input, selector-lever position, implausible A112 ELV fault CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENLARGE!! E87 / Scan 2 INSTRUMENT CLUSTER (INSTR) (komb87) 1 fault A3B2 Message error (terminal status, 0x130), receiver instrument panel, transmitter CAS GATEWAY (M-ASK-GW / CCC-GW / RAD2-GW) (rad2_gw) 1 fault E194 No message from CAS DYNAMIC STABILITY CONTROL (DSC) (dsc_87) 1 fault D35A No message (CAS 0x304), receiver DSC, transmitter CAS DIGITAL MOTOR/DIESEL ELECTRONICS (DME/DDE) (MEV17N46)1 fault 3146 No message (terminal status, 0x130), DME receiver, CAS transmitter ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION MANAGEMENT (EGS) (GS1912) 1 fault CF14 No message (terminal status) from CAS, receiver DKG/EGS, transmitter DME-DDE/CAS
  6. Closing this old post to make room for more, thanks for all the replies to this. Regards Chris
  7. This is using the short cable. The AL will connect to other cars no problems.
  8. I'll check that out after the weekend, thanks. BUT ..... the mystery remains. I still can't communicate to the car with Autologic, GScan, Hanatech, BUT the Wurth WoW will do it no problem, WTF?
  9. OK, i refitted the battery and tried to connect with Autologic, still no go. Hooked up the Wurth WoW and straight in, erased all faults. Took it for a road test and rescanned with 1 fault present. DME - 2DED, Power management - quiescent current fault. Intermittent, freq - 2.
  10. I checked the battery and had very low state of charge, while testing I have battery support attached but hadn't touched the car for a few days. Something is draining power and to think back I recall 'smelling' something when I walked past the car the other day. I removed battery, charged and tested OK. Will reinstall tomorrow and play with it some more. Accessing faults is real hit and miss but will give it a shot. Thanks Jivi.
  11. Sorry for the slow updates, I work by myself so have to rearrange schedules sometimes to back onto the job. Anyways .... I have one of those CAN breakout boxes and it was showing no activity on pin 1. I jumped it from pin 16 and still showed nothing, turns out the LED for pin 1 isn't working. Tested with multimeter and pin 1 shows B+. Sorry, I led you down the wrong path with that one. However, something happened last night while I was under the dash pokiing around. I thought I'd unplug the CAS to check the terminals looked ok, they did so reconnected and retried to scan the car with AL and no change. Then I thought, just for shits and giggles, I'd plug the Wurth WoW in and see if it would do anything. It's the only tool I hadn't tried so far from my collection (just grasping straws, I know). And.....HELLO CAR! It gave me a full fault report and access to all modules. I quickly plugged the AL in to see what would now happen and it also ID'd the car and gave a full quick test. This is weird. Fault report attached. So I went home to think about this over some beers. Came back this morning and the AL no longer communicates with the car :(. BUT, plug the WoW in and it does, codes, live data, etc. WHYYYYYYYY, do I come to work? Any clues about this, lol. Autolink Print.pdf
  12. Hi Jivi. This is the earlier version, doesn't have terminals at pins 6 & 14 for CAN to the JBE. It only has Pin #7 DME BUT .... Pin #1, terminal 15 from CAS, should that have B+ with Ignition on? Currently there is nothing, hmmmm.
  13. Can't scan any module in the car, either with quick test or individually, absolutely nothing. OBD2 will allow COMMUNICATIONS to the DME........but I'm sure that takes a different path, bypassing the JBE. Yeah time to go back to the wiring. No pins bent in the AL connector but I'll check out the OBD plug for any terminal issues.
  14. Got a new JBE control module for this and fitted it with NO change. Still NO Communication to any module, still can't auto identify or read VO. Any suggestions where to from here? Cheers Chris
  15. Hi guys, got an update on this. Thanks Angelo for suggesting another tool. Using a GScan I could not access any modules using the BMW software, however with ODB2, I could gain access. With that I had 1 fault present, P3090 - fuel rail pressure, minimum pressure incorrect. I started the car, it was now dead cold from overnight, and observed fuel rail pressure which was about 10000 kPa/idle and the car was running fine. After about 2 mins the car went into reduced power mode, rail pressure was now at 500 kPa. SO .... looks like I have 2 separate issues! (yay) 1. HPFP failing, causing the drivability/reduced power problem 2. Communication issue. Still need to look into this more but I'm picking it's the JBE module not allowing access through the diagnostic line. It appears that everything on the car works as it should so to me that says that the networks/modules are all talking as they should, I just can't see that with a tool.