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  1. Does the windshield the body shop put in have the provision for the rain sensor? Maybe they installed a non rain sensor windshield? Aftermarket glass is hit or miss. We have had tremendous luck with our local glass installer however, and rarely have issues with rain sensors.
  2. I use our Autologic Bluebox over VCDS. When I am registering a battery with Autologic, I just select a manufacture from the list. I have no issues so far. Not sure how this would go with VCDS. I am sure you could "fool" the system if you do not want to get an OEM battery. I do not think it will let you register with the same serial number. Maybe just try changing one numeral in the serial number. So, enter the OEM battery part #, tell it the battery is from whatever manufacture, and try changing the serial number slightly. Batteries don't have any sort of identifier chip built into them(yet!) so you can plug in the false information as needed. That being said, the safest thing to do would just be to get an OEM battery that would have all the correct info that you would need.
  3. Since you asked so nicely Angelo: *Copy pasta from VCDS wiki* [Select] [19 - CAN-Gateway] [Long Adaptation-0A] Channel 004 [Read] VCDS will populate instructions in the form of a pop-up balloon with the formatting: Format: NNNNNNNNNNN XXX ZZZZZZZZZZ N = Battery Part Number (11 Digits) X = Battery Vendor (3 Digits) Z = Battery Serial Number (10 Digits) [Add to Log] Saving the original value to a log is strongly recommended. Type the New Battery details into the New value field. Note, the New value must be 26 (alpha numeric) total characters including the spaces! If in doubt check the saved log for the original battery formatting details. [Test] [Save] Providing the value was accepted by the controller the new battery coding is complete. [Done, Go Back] [Close Controller, Go Back - 06] Special Notes Measuring Block groups 008, 019 and 020 should show Battery information.
  4. I believe on this Touareg, seeing as it doesn't have a separate battery regulation control module -- usually AW61 -- you will do the registration in AW19 CAN GATEWAY aka "J533". Long adaptation/coding - 0A. From there it should just be following instructions/pop ups and filling in the battery info.
  5. Ah, so CAS may not be turning on T15, therefore no key on power. NO communication with scan tool? Makes sense!
  6. What about that B+ lead to JBE?
  7. Is your Autologic fully up to date? Any bent pins on connector? OBDII side or Autologic side? The two ground pins on our AL connector have a tendency to get BENT. I have seen poor pin contact at OBDII cause a lot of issues with communications so its probably worth a look, especially if the vehicle is happy and does not show any signs of a "bad" network. Also, this is one of the vehicles that had issue with the main power lead going into JBE, I believe there may have been a recall for this, or at least an SIB. There is a repair kit available for this. JBE should be CGW on this vehicle.
  8. Awesome! Your SWAG was correct.
  9. Ha! Don't think they had mini excavators back then Mike! Quote from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Great scene! I hear ya on the customer created issues! Not too long ago had a fellow remove ALL of the fuses from his car (reason unknown) and then put them back in willy nilly. It was doing all sorts of whacky stuff, bunch of blown fuses, etc... Vehicles jumped incorrectly etc...the list goes on!
  10. Try running the VANOS flush and learn procedure with the Autologic. I have had success with this in the past. Check desired vs. actual VANOS data.
  11. I know this POST is closed, but I just wanted to chime in that the Autologic "Blue Box" can still do keys and IMMO programming on this generation of vehicle. I did an ECM replacement for another shop in a 2003 GTI last week, and I did several keys this week with the Bluebox. Had no issues. A5/Mk5 cars and up are a no go with Bluebox however. You do need LSID and ODIS to do those systems.
  12. I was going to chime in here but Mike Webb pretty much covered everything! I take it you're measuring draw with latches "rolled"...including hood, and vehicle LOCKED and ASLEEP(if it will go to sleep) Jeff? Sorry, gotta ask.
  13. Can you POST OBDII faults Michael? The code descriptions are off/don't make a lot of sense.
  14. I have had the same issue Pat. Usually a "cold reboot/hard reset" did the trick for me. Sometimes just winding the motors back did the trick and did not need to do the cold reboot.
  15. Will ask again... Second thing is...are the headlamps physically / manually adjusted properly? If they're brand new and from the body shop I would say NO. Not trying to sound rude but did you READ Peter and I's info about having to do a manual adjustment on the lamps during the basic setting?? Peter went so far as to lay out the procedure step-by-step for you. If the lamps are not physically adjusted properly you cannot expect the basic setting to work. Peter, on some of the newer cars, I want to say 2013+, I've had to do basic settings for lamps in AW09/Central Electronics. I believe this car is too early for that though and it is performed in AW55 like you posted. Just a bit of info for the "archive."