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  1. Can you hook a scope up and see what the voltage is at the time of the occurrence?? I would be interested if maybe it is voltage related. ie: maybe it does this at 14.1 VDC every time, or maybe 13.6 VDC Do you have a maintainer that you can adjust the voltage on? I have seen problems like this where I can play with the voltage and make it happen. I could be in left field somewhere, but could also be onto something.
  2. 66F5 (C26F5) [Current and Stored] SBC control unit (A7/3n1): internal fault I would start here. Inform the customer it may not be all the problem, but if it don't see the speed of the car and the CAN codes it can't up shift. That alarm siren code is more then likely the alarm horn, replace it, it can draw the battery down and cause low voltage codes.
  3. GM has a BLUE fluid also, what I have noticed is that the BLUE has a lot more detergents in it, I use what is left in the bottles to clean my comfort grip ratchet handles and screwdrivers. Sometimes I will just put some of the used on them, cleans the dirt and grease right off. The BLUE definitely cleans them better then the Red.....for whatever that is worth...... I have also had luck with Lucas transmission treatment on transmissions that have been hot, torque converter slippage, ect, I only use it when there is a problem. if there isn't a problem..........I'm not inviting it. I figure it doesn't matter if it is on the way out anyhow.
  4. For those that want to know the differance that do not, the FE stands for Fuel Efficiency, The same with the new motor oil specs on the BMW's. If you look at the new specs on the BMW's it is now LL01FE, LL14FE+ , LL12FE, and of course they still have the LL01 and LL04 for the older ones. TSB SI B11 01 15 Mobil 1 no longer has any oil that meets any spec for BMW, they changes the 0W40 Euro Formula and it no longer meets the LL01 and all mentions of BMW and Nissan have been removed from the label. The 134 ATF is a SEMI Synthetic. The 134 FE is FULL Synthetic.
  5. The problem with Chrome on these sights I believe lies in the Adobe programs, ie: flash and the java, they both update automatically and sometimes there is problems with the updates. Angelo can probably confirm that.
  6. Just a little advice, and I don't care if you want to listen or not. It don't make a difference to me one way or the other as it does not affect me. 1- The 722 transmission was introduced around 1981 2- There are several variants of the 722 and the .3, .4, and .5 were similar. Around 1996 or 1997 is where the 722.6 was introduced, there is not much in common between the 722.6 and the ones before it. Somewhere around 2005 is where the 722.9 was introduced it is entirely different than the rest that came before it, just because it is a 722 does not it belongs to the groups of transmissions. 3- I know BG has changed something in their transmission fluid, it now says it is compatible with the 722.9, however when the 722.9 first came out, BG claimed it would work, guess what it did NOT, some of the dealers were using the BG fluid, they all got caught by MB. It was such a problem, I know for a fact, that American Service Center in Arlington VA. got debited back on about 1,000 transmission warranty jobs. It would attack the seals and eat them out. MB put out a bulletin warning the dealers with pictures of the seals they found ate up. It is probably OK now, but back then it was not. 4- Do NOT use the BG fluid in the 722.9 transmissions that have the Blue fluid in it. You WILL have problems as the Blue Fluid is 134FE fluid the red is just plain 134. They are not interchangeable, I would bet my last dollar that the BG is not compatible with Blue 134FE. 5- For the red plain 134 fluid Shell 134 is approved by Mercedes and can be bought for around $3-4 a quart. How much does the BG fluid cost? 6-This could be a fluid level problem, when I fill them I always put the drain/fill plug back in with it a few degrees below what is recommended, I have found when they are cold they do better that way. ie if it is in F it calls for 113 put it in at 109. In Celcius, I put it in 2 degrees lower than what is called for. 7- Are you using Google Chrome to type in here? If so I have the same problem sometimes with Google on this website and others, especially eBay putting in what I type with a delay,
  7. You may be able to get Bob to code the thing when he unlocks it. Just make sure you get the price before hand.
  8. Yes it will light the cluster while driving. The CAN Analyzer is a good tool, but sometimes it will send you in the wrong direction. Don't take it for granted that the module it is pointing at is bad, it will give you a guide as to where to start. I have seen it.... nail it and I have seen it nail me.......
  9. I haven't looked at a schematic, but if my memory serves me right, I ran into this on a 164, that kicked my ass for awhile. There was a wake up signal wire going to the cluster, the car has power all the time. But out of no where, the Front SAM would power up the wake up signal to the cluster. Then, all the lights on the cluster would come on. Basically, the Front SAM was back feeding power to the cluster.
  10. When this is acting up, will the cluster flash with the key off?
  11. No, he can unlock a used one though, and I think he will code them through the Blue Link, if you have the Mongoose Cable.
  12. I like to see them under 50ma, if you have close to 100ma, it is doing what it is supposed to be doing
  13. Do a google search, see how many IBS and weak batteries have caused this.....
  14. If you have the correct battery in it, and registered it, and it is losing the clock, how about the odometer/trip meter? is it resetting also? An energy report would be nice here. Has someone damaged the IBS installing the battery? I would guess and only a guess the IBS is reporting a draw that is not there and shutting off the power to the clock. Bet you have a bad IBS. That is just a guess, I can't see the car.
  15. Autologic has had a good run and has been a good machine, but as with everything good it must end......