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  1. This vehicle came in to us with a check engine light complaint, had code P12A2 fuel rail pressure high, we found the in tank pumps were weak, replaced pumps, regulator, and filter. We drove the car and it set the light/code again. We then replaced the fuel pressure sensor, same problem. We then replaced the high pressure fuel pump and now it takes longer to set the fault but it still sets the fault. The car runs fine under load, intermittently it has a very slightly rough idle. We have smoke tested the intake, no leaks found. We checked the crankcase for excessive vacuum, seems normal. We are not sure why it is setting that code or what the criteria for setting that code is. Most of our research shows that people have fixed this problem in the past with either in tank pumps or high pressure pumps or vacuum leaks or failed crankcase vent valves built into valves covers. We are not sure where to go from here. Help appreciated.
  2. We replaced the EHC pump relay, cleared the fault, road tested, ran the suspension up and down, and everything seemed fine but the light came back a day later with the same fault. Any ideas or suggestions??
  3. Model: X5 Production Month: 12 Engine: 3.0 Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 52498 Scan Tool Implemented: Other - NOT Listed Affected System: Chassis/Suspension Type of Problem: Suspension Related Repair History: Air suspension module was replaced 6 months ago Vehicle Year: 2002 VIN: 5UXFA53503LV80718 The air suspension inactive was displayed in cluster. We scanned the system, fault 74 charge fill request, pressure remains constant. We cleared the fault and everything operates normally, ran the suspension up and down, works normally. The problem is intermittent. Any info would be appreciated on the criteria for this fault and if anyone has had this problem before. We have seen this fault a couple of times in the past and have never found anything conclusive, usually we clear the fault and it does not return for months. Help appreciated.