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  1. Yes, got all normalized, AC cooling great, ran for about 1HR,. Every thing working for the time being
  2. I replaced the System Electrical Battery, and heater control valve, cleared all faults. only 1 returned. 9206 (B1206) [Current and stored] The output of front right door entry/exit lamp (E17/4) has short circuit or open circuit. All working fine for now. Ahe customer going on a long trip in fall, test the operation. Hopefully, all will be well. Thanks, Donald
  3. Tested batteries and alternator (ED-18) Starter Battery = 12.51VDC @ 256cca System Electrical Battery = 12.57VDC @ 710cca (spec 850). Battery is bad Alternator loaded @ 1500rpm 13.82V / 82A, ripple 0.06v I am replacing System Electrical Battery (one in trunk). and as per mono-valve replacing it too. Thanks for the help, all good info Donald
  4. Attached is today's Quick Test: QT_WDBUF26J25A791112.pdf
  5. VIN: WDBUF26J25A791112 MAKER: MERCEDES BENZ MODEL: E320 ENGINE: 3.2LCDI TRANSMISSION: AUTOMATIC 4-SPEED PRODUCTION: APRIL/2005 MILEAGE: 211394 AFFECT SYSTEM: ENGINE/POWERTRAIN DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE: UNKNOWN SCAN TOOL IMPLEMENTED: AUTOLOGIC (BLUE BOX) RELATED REPAIR HISTORY: Installed humidity sensor as per bulletin, recovered charge was full (evacuated and recharged), replaced blower and regulator (updated part #) DIAGNOSTICS / TEST PERFORMED: This time in retested for fault codes none shown in HVAC, Engine IPC, Transmission, AC System cooling to 38F and we have ran for 5 hrs no issue. Only occurring when driving 3 to 5hrs on highway On long trips, customer say AC stops cooling, and fan speeds up, and air flow more out of vents.
  6. on the tps idle .489 wot 4.50 no glitch on scope, and choke valve is opposite koeo 4.9v, choke valve closed .460 smooth patern aswell.
  7. Only code in all control units (quick test) IKE/Kombi (Cluster) Voltage supply, terminal 15 faulty
  8. Does the cruise and accel cable have certain location on throttle body? Data on on auto logic and iScan ii very limited (cruse set, +,-, cancel, brake).
  9. On this GR2 system, it is electric (no vacuum lines). On brake switch, I haven't changed it, the data only listing 1 brake switch input (12v when activated). It has 12 volt when brake pedal pressed about 1" 20 times (and the brake lights working to).
  10. Model: 740iL Production Month: 7 Engine: 4.4l Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 143107 Scan Tool Implemented: Autologic Affected System: Electrical/Electronic Type of Problem: Electrical / Electronic Related Repair History: Vehicle Year: 1997 VIN: WBAGJ8323WDM11561 You set cruise control, works few seconds kicks out until key cycled. Brake switch closes @ 1" pedal travel, every time with 20 pedal cycles. Replaced Bowden cable (has 4mm free play), still kicks out. installed cruise actuator from my car (cruise works ). still kicks out. GR2 has 2 codes 4 actuator position 3 actuator deactivation time DME no faults Any idea what these codes mean, where to go next? Thanks, Donald
  11. Most likely bad battery (shorting internally), overheating separation sensor causing it to blow. Need to test battery with Midtronics battery tester and old carbon pile tester. I had battery's test good with electronic testers before.