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  1. I recently purchased an ATS lab scope It or any pressure transducer in cylinder waveform scope is an amazing tool for checking cam timing. Here is an image of an Audi Q7 V8 that had misfire codes on one side of the engine. Exhaust cam timing is 55deg. off between the banks. It saves a lot of time over pulling the valve cover and checking cam timing with special tools on VAG and other vehicles. All that is needed Is a pressure transducer hooked up to one cylinder and then run the engine. You can then overlay cam and crank sensors and coil firing time and really see what is going on in the engine.
  2. We were doing online coding (if offline coding still working? was told it was impossible on newer cars 06 and up) We finally got the coding to go through by backing up two screens and then going forward, it took many (5 or 6) times of doing this and then allowed to continue with the workshop code blank. actual values showed service history and what seems to be correct next service due mileage and time so we shipped the car We are putting all central gateways in a zip-lock bag to prevent the a/c condensation problem in the future. We have been doing this for several years and had not had any problems. The module does not seem to produce any heat where air circulation would be a problem. I am still trying to find out from a friend at the dealer exactly what that screen was asking for as "workshop code" I will close and post when I do.
  3. Model: E350 Production Month: 5 Engine: 272 Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 84539 Scan Tool Implemented: Mercedes - SDS/Xentry Affected System: Electrical Type of Problem: Electrical/electronic Related Repair History: Vehicle Year: 2008 VIN: WDBUF56XX8B349778 We are replacing central gateway for water intrusion (A/C condensation) We have done lots of these During SCN coding, Xentry is now asking for a workshop code to reinitialize ASSYST PLUS If we leave it blank or enter a generic number it kicks us back and will not continue. workshop code problem 211 ZG.pdf
  4. Curious if you found anything? I have replaced a lot of bad EZL but have never had one drop only one cylinder. I didn't think this system had that ability. rotor phasing sets what cylinder will fire and rpm and TDC time the event. I would re-check wiring, coil and swap plug wire. Do not rely on KV tester alone.