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  1. Strainer was 100% restricted. Cleaned pan and replaced strainer with new one and oil change. Oil pressure restored... 18 PSI @ idle 60 PSI @ 2000 RPM Operating Temperature Thanks for everyone's input
  2. I get that alot here as well with first time customers....I will report soon on the repair...
  3. Absolutely agree on BG...excellent products....I will update everyone after I get the pan pulled
  4. This is what bothers me...we ran BG's 6569 and 12032 chemicals 8 months ago for maintenance. We always run both chemicals anytime we want to rid the engine of sludge and carbon deposits....I am going to be curious what I find.... I thought the 211 was for the induction service which we also prescribe to here...
  5. Thats what I am hoping to find...
  6. VIN: WVWEK93C76P009160 Production Month / Vehicle Year: April / 2006 Production Month / Vehicle Year: April / 2006 Make: Volkswagen Model: Passat Engine: 2.0L BPY Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed 09G Mileage: 154415 Affected System: Engine / Powertrain Engine Mechanical / Internal LOW Oil Pressure Description of Issue: Unknown Noise Scan Tool: AutelCustomer reported oil pressure display coming on while turning and accelerating sometimes.... Oil pressure cold Idle 40 PSI 2000 RPM 50 PSI Oil Pressure warm Idle 14 PSI 2000 RPM 20 PSI Only seen an oil pressure problem on 2 VW in my 34 years working on them. Both were fixed with an oil pump. Oil clean, but customer has been complaining about engine consuming oil. It has the correct updated crankcase vent and pipe for this particular VIN. Found enough oil in the turbo inlet hose to pour a small amount of oil out of. A little disturbing, but typical to find a little oil in forced induction pipes. Question is has anybody ever had to replace this oil pump before? It is made onto a balance shaft and is almost $1800.00 for the part. Oil pressure was taken at the oil filter housing where the oil pressure sender is mounted. Not much between there and the oil pan.....
  7. Jivi thanks for the update....Dealer told me one time program only...typical.
  8. Customer took vehicle to dealer for alignment and they reported that the ABC control module is bad for $3000.00 parts and labor. They did successfully align vehicle. I had the customer bring the car back after the alignment and we now have the following hard code(s)... ABC-ABC active body control C1525-8 Right rear critical vehicle level Stored&Current C1525-16 Level calibration is not successfully carried out. Stored&Current C1525-32 Calibration of the plunger travel sensors is not successfully carried out. Stored&Current C1525-64 System pressure too low Stored&Current C1526-64 Load adjustment is not successfully carried out Stored&Current hmm....more hard reoccurring code(s) after the dealer aligned it. I am researching BBA to inspect and possibly repair if possible. Dealer also stated the module could only be programmed new not used. Any other electronic repair shops available to do this? BBA is hit and miss for me on repairs.
  9. YES.... exactly....it may be a hole in the Autel Software unfortunately.
  10. We replaced the oil level control reservoir 220 320 04 15 and bled the system. So far the vehicle kept its height overnight, but the code.... C1526-64 Load adjustment is not successfully carried out Stored & Current Still won't clear after multiple attempts...Could be a hole in the Autel software. Still not bad for a much as I was able to do so far. The vehicle now responds with ride height buttons on the dash. I am going to let it sit over the weekend and see if the suspension is still "up".
  11. Jivi the connector is a black/blue and violet/red wire 2 pin and someone had run the vacuum hose straight from the heater valve (next to the transmission) to the intake vacuum tee. It was supposed to have the electric change over valve 7PP 906 270 (same part for the Combi-Valve) in between. Without the electric change over valve the vehicle is reporting the code after running approximately 15 minutes. This was putting vacuum on the heater valve all the time keeping it closed causing the transmission to run hot and store the code 93 and turn on the Transmission Display on the dash. Since installing the electric change over valve and correctly routing the vacuum the code and display have not returned so far... One down one to go......
  12. Will do in the morning and report in....
  13. I don't have a lab scope here to watch bank 2 cam position, but here is a pic of what I see now on the engine.... Angelo I don't know how to scale the size of the image to upload both I am getting a code P0327 for Knock Sensor 1 (passenger side?) CLICK PICTURE TO ENLARGE!!
  14. Automatic....thanks for the info....really helps sort this one out.....
  15. Manual transmission Model....