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  1. Any progress on this issue? I just got a 2012 Panamera 3.6L withthe same faults, but I think Tam made a error on the second fault code. I believe it is P1075. We are seeing a -33% correction though. This with the original MAP sensor and a new MAP sensor.
  2. We hooked up a scope to the two cam sensors and did identify a shift in the Cam timing. From here we pulled the valve covers and checked the Cam timing = off. Reset cam timing = no more faults. Thanks for all of the info.
  3. Model: Cayenne Turbo Make : Porsche Production Month: 5 Engine: 4.5L (DME 7.1.1) Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 82000 Scan Tool Implemented: Porsche Durametric Affected System: Engine Type of Problem: Engine Related Repair History: Customer just bought it. Nest day CEL is on, then we got it. Vehicle Year: 2005 VIN: WP1AC29PS5LA92637 Customer just bought this car. CEL comes on the next day and brings it here. faults P0344 and P0016 Replaced both Cam Sensors and Crank Sensor, both faults still present. In the fault code description it states possible Chain stretched or Cams loose. Anyone run into this? Is there a procedure to check if the chain is stretched either mechanically or using live data?
  4. Thanks for the document Peter. We got it apart last week. This doc will be good for reference. We are just doing a rebuild on it. We ordered Syncro's and bearings from BMW and yes there still available from Germany. I tried to up sell a 5 speed, but the customer wants to keep the original transmission Were doing a complete rebuild on it with performance upgrades. Side draft Webers, Complete Engine build, Suspension, Brakes etc... Its should be a fun little Bimmer when were done. Thanks Brad
  5. Model: 2002 Make : BMW Production Month: 3 Engine: 2.0 Transmission: Manual 4-Speed Mileage: 90000 Scan Tool Implemented: Autologic Affected System: Transmission Type of Problem: Transmission Related Repair History: Vehicle Year: 1975 VIN: 2370324 I'm looking for the manual transmission disassemble procedure. If some one has one from the old book days, can you scan it load it? Thanks Brad
  6. Model: ML320 Make: Mercedes Production Month: 9 Engine: 3.2L Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 70478 Scan Tool Implemented: Mercedes - SDS/Xentry Affected System: Electrical/Electronic Type of Problem: Electrical / Electronic Related Repair History: Vehicle Year: 1998 VIN: 4JGAB54E0WA006817 We have a 98 ML320 with a Start then dies issue. Fuel pump has been verified good with 55PSI Door lock switch not working either. Remote was working. Tried reprogram = reset remotes, but now will not program / remotes not working. Replaced RF Antenna = Same results(No Start and unable to program remotes) Identified that we can not talk to the AAM. Removed AAM and found a reman module with corrosion on AAM and Fuse box side. Opened AAM and found corrosion on PCB. Clean Connections, re-installed and now we can communicate with the AAM, but still no start and remotes do not work/programmable. Now the door lock switch do work. How can we verify if it is the key or the AAM? Any help would be grateful. Regards Brad
  7. For this car, we did replace the coolant temp sensor and have not heard back from the customer. For the ABS issue, we recommended the ABS controller as we tested the Speed sensor and it had a good signal after the rear connector, but in the data block for the RR wheel speed sensor, there was no speed data. Customer could not keep the car hear overnight and took the car. They have not brought the car back yet. Issue un resolved.
  8. The guides are the same from 2002 - 2010. WP and SSF sell them. My Head builder commented that he doesn't use those from Canyon as there usually too big.
  9. On these engines, if doing the Valve guides, Can the heads be removed in the car? Trying to put a quote together. Also resealing the front upper and lower timing covers.
  10. Got it. I took a look at the RR wheel speed sensor with a oscilloscope. A good clean signal was present. I re-seated the connector then looked at the live data. Initially no data, Then I has someone spin the LR. That made the RR spin and then I saw data. WTF. When I see data on the RR all faults in the ABS clear. In a test drive they both come back. I think we may have a ABS Controller going bad. We very rarly have a wheel speed sensor go bad, but a ton of ABS controllers go bad. Any Thoughts
  11. Matt; So the values that I gave you are not live data? Brad
  12. Tuesday,07,October,2014,12:39:54:28634 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20140212 VIN: WAUML64B73N000637 License Plate: 4ZTV853 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chassis Type: 4B (4B - Audi A6 C5 (1998 > 2006)) Scan: 01 02 03 06 08 15 16 17 18 22 34 35 36 37 45 55 56 57 65 67 75 76 77 VIN: WAUML64B73N000637 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 01: Engine Labels: None Part No: 4D0 907 560 CL Component: 4.2L V8/5V G 0001 Coding: 07752 Shop #: WSC 02325 VCID: 72E002133EC0FB8E9D3-5102 WAUML64B73N000637 AUZ7Z0B2110520 1 Fault Found: 16502 - Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (G62) P0118 - 35-10 - Signal too High - Intermittent Readiness: 0000 0000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 02: Auto Trans Labels: 01L-927-156.lbl Part No: 4B0 927 156 FG Component: AG5 01L 4.2l5V USA 1014 Coding: 01002 Shop #: WSC 02325 VCID: 71E20D1F3BC6C096649-5102 No fault code found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 4B0-614-517.lbl Part No: 4B0 614 517 R Component: ABS/ESP allrad 2330 Coding: 06397 Shop #: WSC 00000 VCID: 3064C81BF04C899E2B7-5120 2 Faults Found: 01119 - Gear Recognition Signal 35-10 - - - Intermittent 00287 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Rear Right (G44) 30-10 - Open or Short to Plus - Intermittent ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 15: Airbags Labels: 4B0-959-655-AI84.lbl Part No: 4B0 959 655 Q Component: Airbag 8.4EP 2001 Coding: 0000607 Shop #: WSC 02325 785 00200 VCID: 3E78E6236A186FEEA9B-5120 No fault code found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 16: Steering wheel Labels: 4B0-907-487.lbl Part No: 4B0 907 487 F Component: Lenkradelektronik D01 Coding: 01005 Shop #: WSC 02325 VCID: 2F66CB67ED72966632D-51D0 No fault code found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 17: Instruments Labels: 4B0-920-xxx-17.lbl Part No: 4B0 920 981 P Component: KOMBI+WEGFAHRS. VDO D11 Coding: 03283 Shop #: WSC 02325 VCID: 336EC717015AB286565-5102 WAUML64B73N000637 AUZ7Z0B2110520 No fault code found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 35: Centr. Locks Labels: 4B0-962-258.lbl Part No: 4B0 962 258 M Component: Central Lock/Alarm D37 Coding: 15885 Shop #: WSC 02325 VCID: 336EC717015AB286565-4ECA 4 Faults Found: 01371 - Alarm triggered by Door Contact Switch; Driver's Side 35-00 - - 01572 - Alarm triggered by Door Contact Switch; Passenger Side 35-00 - - 01374 - Alarm triggered by Terminal 15 35-00 - - 01573 - Alarm triggered by Door Contact Switch; Rear Left 35-00 - - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 36: Seat Mem. Drvr Labels: None Part No: 4B0 959 760 B Component: Sitzmemory R1 F 0102 Coding: 00001 Shop #: WSC 00000 VCID: 2C5CDC6BDC64ED7E17F-4AE6 No fault code found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 55: Xenon Range Labels: 4Z7-907-357.lbl Part No: 4Z7 907 357 Component: dynamische LWR D07 Coding: 00050 Shop #: WSC 02325 VCID: 040C54CB1474C53EBFF-4B18 No fault code found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 56: Radio Labels: 8E0-035-1xx-56.lbl Part No: 4B0 035 195 L Component: symphony II NP2 0009 Coding: 00225 Shop #: WSC 26107 VCID: 2952257FD396F856EC9-4E94 No fault code found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 75: Telematics Labels: None Part No SW: 8E0 035 616 A HW: 8E0 035 616 A Component: Telematik USA1 Coding: 0002303 Shop #: WSC 26107 444 00039 VCID: 234E3757E1BA2206A65-5120 1 Fault Found: 01531 - Emergency Battery 002 - Lower Limit Exceeded - MIL ON ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 76: Park Assist Labels: 8Z0-919-283.lbl Part No: 8Z0 919 283 Component: Parkingsyst. A6 USA D08 Coding: 01166 Shop #: WSC 02325 VCID: 020052D30E60CB0E8D3-5120 No fault code found. End ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. MAtt, Looking at the block for the F125 = D=1000 R=0100 N=1110 D=1011 S=0111 In the block desc it states F125 see file. Is there a file to look at? Brad
  14. We have a 2003 A6 4.2L that has been well maintained by us. Several weeks ago the customer explained that the car did not start for her a couple of times. I could not get the detail's from here if the engine would turn over or not. She didn't know. There were no faults and we tried starting it over 10X all with successful starting. A couple weeks later the Car threw a ABS light and that the light would turn on and off throughout the week. Car was dropped off yesterday with the ABS and TC light on. This morning Josh Jumped in to diagnose the issue, but the ABS light was off this morning. Here are the faults. Tuesday,07,October,2014,08:52:06:28634 VCDS Version: Release 12.12.0 Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 4B0-614-517.lbl Control Module Part Number: 4B0 614 517 R Component and/or Version: ABS/ESP allrad 2330 Software Coding: 06397 Work Shop Code: WSC 00000 VCID: 3064C81BF04C899E243-5120 2 Faults Found: 01119 - Gear Recognition Signal 35-10 - - - Intermittent 00287 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Rear Right (G44) 30-10 - Open or Short to Plus - Intermittent In the Transmission controller = no faults Car drives perfect, but when parking the car and putting the Shifter into Park the ABS and TC light came on. Turn the car off then on, the ABS light was out. Cycle the shifter Part to Drive a bunch and the ABS light came on. For the RR wheel speed sensor, we will replace that sensor. For the Fault 01119, Is this typically the Multifuntion switch on the transmission? I tried to search for this fault, but the search function seems like it needs a tuneup. Any input would be great. Thanks Brad
  15. Model: 750I Production Month: 9 Engine: 4.4L Turbo Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 62100 Scan Tool Implemented: Autologic Affected System: Engine Type of Problem: Engine Related Repair History: Replaced 1 Turbo Vehicle Year: 2010 VIN: wbakb8c55bcy66753 It seems like the N63 Engine is another BMW blunder engine. We have one here consuming 1 qt every 1400 miles which in my research seems like fairly normal for this engine, but not very good for a car with 62K miles. Has anyone identified the root cause of the oil consumption? Cheers Brad