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  1. I have replaced 2 of those ME for being dead I took the cars to dealer they charged me $80 both times for programing It is not worth the risk for $80
  2. I get keys here in Cleveland in 2 to 3 days MAX
  3. Exactly ...
  4. How did you put new battery in this remote ? As far as I know you can not change those batteries. I think those get charged thru ignition switch when car is running
  5. I just checked on some old wiring that I have and it is part of wiring harness
  6. I think this is part of wiring harness
  7. Did you install OEM crankcase valve or aftermarket?? If you installed aftermarket that is most likely the problem If rear main seal is leaking there would be oil leaking in that area
  8. I do not remove water pump for this job it saves a lot of time
  9. Is it fully charged ?
  10. Check rear main seal. This is common problem If it has any oil leak in that area that is your problem. Have seen it many times almost every time when crankcase valve fails rear main seal will fail to It is very poor design where they glued the seal to the sea cover. Let engine run and then lift it up in the air and if you spray some brake cleaner around the seal most of the time it will react to that.
  11. I have installed 15 plus of URO kits for this issue NEVER had any comebacks! If you do it right and buy that I mean clean the old O ring groove really good you will not have any issues I use Dremel tool with scotch bright attachment.....and it makes it a lot easier and cleans it really good AGA kit is great but overpriced
  12. I have "Iscan 2WT" This thing for the money is absolutely amassing. Right now with updated software it can do a lot on 2017 MY on all German cars For the long time there was only one way to program Volvo throttle body and that is with Volvo scan tool This is the only one after market scanner that I know off that will do that and in less the 5 min
  13. This is not under warranty any more it was 10 years 160000 miles I understand your concern Jivi, but sometimes you have to work with what you got Not everybody can afford Xentry, ISTA or AL
  14. There are aftermarket diaphragms but they are absolute junk I have tried few and it had my ass kicked very hard North side imports sells OEM for $61
  15. Holy shit guys this is not space shuttle!! You are going to scare the hell out of Michael I have done this many times with or without the use of scanner...If you disconnect both battery on the car you can just bleed it like any other car If you have bleeding procedure in your scanner then just use that I have $50 pressure bleeder that i have been using for 10 years it works great