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  1. Morning Jivi, YES, we have the MOST bypass, but that did not help. The customer has taken the car. He figures for $2,000, he can live with it. It will probable fail at some point and then we will change it out. Thanks for the help
  2. Both of my ISTA computers were updated a month ago, with the latest Java about 2 weeks ago. Thanks
  3. VIN: 5UXFE83548LZ36147 Production Month / Vehicle Year: October / 2007 Production Month / Vehicle Year: October / 2007 Make: BMW Model: X5 (E70) Engine: 4.8 Transmission: Automatic 7-Speed Mileage: 109543 Affected System: Body System Audio/Telephone/Navigation/MOST Video INOP Description of Issue: INOP / Intermittent Scan Tool: BMW OEM – ISTA (Legitimate OE Factory Tool) Related Repair History: unknownWhen you first start the vehicle the video display flickers until the battery voltage stabilizes above 13.8 volts. We have reprogrammed the complete car with ISTA/P version 61.3.002 During the PROGRAMMING, we lost the UFL-SBX control unit. But the flickering still continues. We have made sure the battery was registered and performing correctly. We feel that its the display itself, but they have only sold one unit, and the cost is over $2,000.00 So we are just curious if someone has seen this before, Thanks Pat Hartmann
  4. thought I would add my two cents worth on this issue, I just spent two days on a 2007 Audi a6 with the exact same issue. our original problem was the parking brake would not release. had code for control head. but live data showed the switch was working correctly. so we replaced the control unit. that's when the fun started, we were getting the exact same codes as listed above. tried looking at the wiring, tried with vag-com and vas to run the pistons back. but they would not. I even plugged the original control module back and still received the same codes that were not there the day before. ran the motor back manually so I could move the car . parked it outside for 4 hours and went back out to move the car and the parking brake was now set. but it released and I was then able to do the basic settings and code the control module. the only thing i can think of, is that when I plugged in the new control module it needed time to finally see the caliper motors were OK and then i was able to run basic setting. not sure if this will help someone in the future but how knows
  5. Just a thought, but I believe the Central Gateway Module, is under the divers side carpet, I'd check for water on that side as well.
  6. Es tut mir leid Angelo dass ich mehr als einmal diesen post gesendet. Vielleicht ist ihre OCD in 'overdrive'! And that's all she wrote.....
  7. i agree that the CAS would be the first thing to look at. Can Autologic program the CAS?
  8. So after a bunch of time and research, All i could come up with was a guess. My gut feeling on this is that it is the COMAND unit. The reason i felt this is, because it always came to the correct minutes but was four hours late, It is getting that info from the COMAND, also the fact that it froze there led me to think that the COMAND unit was not updating the info to the instrument cluster every minute so the cluster just left the clock at that time. The only problem is that i couldn't sell a $3,400.00 rebult unit to the customer. So they took the car. So this one is NOT FIXED. If i find out any more info I will add to the post. Thanks for the help Pat
  9. Yes, there is nothing in the instrument cluster. And the time is not accessible because it is grayed out. if you can go to the time settings, you are only able to change the clock in 30 minute increments. Not sure why this is, but that's according to the owners manual
  10. Good morning Jivi i could not find a synchronizing tag and i did try a hard reset first thing.
  11. VIN: WDDHF9BB0CA621196 Production Month / Vehicle Year: March / 2012 Production Month / Vehicle Year: March / 2012 Make: Mercedes Benz Model: E550 4MATIC Engine: 4.6 TURBO Transmission: Automatic 7-Speed Mileage: 41506 Affected System: Electrical / Electronic CAN / Data Communication / MOST Description of Issue: INOP / Intermittent Scan Tool: Mercedes – DAS/Xentry (OEM PC or Online) Related Repair History: Unknown used car just purchasedI have a clock that is very erratic. when getting in the car,the clock will run 12-18 hours (analog) and stop exactly four hours late. Then the clock will not move again until the car goes to sleep and when it wakes up, it will then do the sweep again, and stop four hours late again. the command states that it is in pacific time, which is correct. I can read 8 satellites and the navigation system location is spot on. There are no codes in the car ,except for terminal 30,(used car lot so i figured it was the usual dead battery issue). Which cleared and did not come back I have updated the command (A40/3) but not the (N40/8 command display) or the (N40/9 operating unit for command ie the Knob) but no change.I have also performed a reset of the command unit and the instrument cluster. but no change Also i can not select the time setting menu in the command, it is grayed out and not accessible. I have spent a quite a bit of time trying to find actual values for the time in the command and instrument cluster, bu they only gives format info. nothing else. I am leaning towards an instrument cluster , but the grayed out time setting in the command has given me concern. any ideas and thoughts would be appreciated. not sure is someone has seen this issue before Thanks Pat Hartmann
  12. So........i had the exact same problem. Found that their was water intrusion in the 38 pin connector that was causing the draw. MIGHT want to look there
  13. Well it looks like i owe Jive one. i would have never thought that a car with only 32k miles on it would start plugging up the heater core. I didn't even go there because this only has one inlet and one outlet for the heater core, with only one mono valve and auxiliary water pump. Seems so weird that the right side was only 70 degrees and the left was at 145 degrees. thanks again for the help Pat Hartmann
  14. There are no codes in the whole car now. as i said it came in with 8 codes for flap motors. but they all cleared out and have not come back The way this car is set up for the heat mixture flap is such that the upper door could break, but the lower door would still be able to keep the stops in the correct position