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  1. Hello everyone. I spent too much time on this vehicle. I tried to program it, it won't let me. There is a code existing! ISTA/D [there is not a hundred-percent procedure] !!! I did some kind of adaptation for camera. Camera is not seeing any movement! .... this camera is S.P order &..expensive .. I had enough, I'm sending this junk to dealer, and letting them deal with it.. Thanks to everyone of you, and I really, really appreciate you guys help. Ami
  2. Not yet, still I am working on something to find out what causing the problem that's my last option...? Biggest issue I have there is no information
  3. Used parts, absolutely not. Problems start right after his battery was getting lazy, and I did replace the battery. I register it . light never goes away that's all.
  4. Anytime I click on test plan, it just sticks there, and nowhere to go I keep clicking Next for 20 minutes nothing happening
  5. 800A23 "KAFAS control Module vehicle identification number does not match vehicle." 800AB1 "no current coding data stored." 801225 "A/C compressor :deactivation due to under-pressure in refrigerant circuit." 9308B0 "identification transmitter :under-voltage,battery." D91410 "message [drive train 2 data,230.0.2] incorrect,receiver CAS ,transmitter DME/DDE" ,Thank's
  6. good afternoon now I am getting more codes! 1] 800A23 - 2] 800AB1 - 3] 801225 - 4] 9308B0 - 5] D91410 ! control unit tree:status =all GREEN ! any info help thank you ami
  7. good morning everyone vehicle [bMW 535i] just get here i am going to program the whole car and I keep you guys posted thank you again
  8. hello everyone update : customer supposed to drop his vehicle for me next Monday and I'll let you guys know... .[ seems like he has more* problem !] Thanks ami
  9. I'd like to thank everyone and appreciate all the help.. and information.... I don't have the vehicle at the moment, but talked to the customer. He'is supposed to drop it for me next day so. I'll let you guys know what happened, and I will try ISTA/P one more time! I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks again, Amir..
  10. Yes I did. When I go to ISTA/P, there is no option to do anything ...and also I tried to search that number, I don't get nowhere.!
  11. ISTA test plan : Only message I'm getting is {programming validation code. Enter the following programming validation code in the comments section of the warranty claim :24359111 } . Customer asked me what is this message mean? Only problem I found out that battery being lazy and I replaced the battery {OEM} and I registered also that's all I know i don't have any other info All Know after warranty I am the only one working in his vehicle except that he's being BMW dealership twice for 2 recall 10011270300 VANOS...& 10016650100 fuel level sender.
  12. Good morning my friends This vehicle never been an accident . First owner car nothing being replaced on this vehicle yet
  13. Model: 535i (F10) Production Month: 6 Engine: 3.0L Turbo (N55) Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 62000 Scan Tool Implemented: BMW OEM ISTA Affected System: Body Type of Problem: Interior / Exterior Equipment Related Repair History: Non Vehicle Year: 2011 VIN: WBAFR7C5XBC602810 hello everyone Couple days ago customer come in and complaining about warning message (Lane Departure). After hooked the ISTA there was two codes : 800A23 & 800AB1 tried the test plan : only message I'm getting is programming validation code.enter the following programming validation code in the comments section of the warranty claim :24359111 Any information help thank you, ami @ euro performance