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  1. Seen it too many times. Just like the inertia switch on Fords and Jaguars. Good bump sets em off.
  2. Those cables are part of the air bag system. They are designed to blow apart in a crash. I have seen them pop by hitting a pot hole though. They can be very sensitive. Pretty big job to change the cable. I agree with Angelo though, check for a repair kit first.
  3. Now you see my issue with what Autologic told me. That is why this one is going to the dealer. I do remember finding posts on several BMW forums about failing injectors. So much false info floating around lately though.
  4. Brian i have heard the same thing from Autologic about changing the parameters that set the codes, but was given no advice on how to carry it out. We did update the DME on ours to the latest programming, but with no luck on fixing the issue. We have a few master techs with BMW who are friends with Michael from Autologic who are looking into the issue. As soon as i hear something (if i hear something) i will post it here.
  5. Good morning. We are currently dealing with a 2011 X5 with the same engine having this code after repair. We replaced the valve cover due to oil leaks and clogged CCV. That's when the fun started. Same lean on bank one code that will not go away, but we also have 28A0-throttle valve opening angle absolute pressure intake pipe, comparison pressure too high. Neither code will stay gone. We have smoked the systems with no leaks found. Even tried replacing the throttle valve with no benefit. After several talks with Autologic and BMW, we have been told to inspect the cam journals for scoring on intake cam and eccentric cam. They say if there is ANY evidence of scoring, no matter how minor to replace the head. They also said typically you will find traces of metal in the oil filter. From what i understand all N54 engines, no matter the body, are having this issue. My problem with this though is for one, the cost. 38 hours to change head with close to $9k cost on head. The other problem i have is no one has proven this is a FIX. No actual miles on repairs as of yet to prove the repair is valid. The problem seems to happen after engine repair of any type. BMW has acknowledged the issue, but is taking no steps yet to provide a FIX or SIB/Campaign for repair. I will add that these heads are sitting on the shelf due to failure rates. We have decided to send this one to the dealer since a $12k shot in the dark is more than we want to be responsible for. If you do talk to Autologic speak to Michael. He is the one who has been helping us through this one.
  6. Check for service bulletins on the timing chain and tensioners. I have replace quite a few due to rattles. They can cause the misfire and vanos codes. You will want to change everything from chain to guides.
  7. As far as a brake light switch, no it does not. From what i gathered it uses a brake pressure sensor that tells the abs when brakes are applied. Which then relays the signal to the engine computer activating the brake lights and shift interlock. Sounds like some over engineering to me. The ABS module and transmission module, are both run off of the relay in the fuse block under the driver seat. The brown wire that runs the relay is what breaks. Seems to be a common problem now that I've found more info on it.
  8. Mornin folks. After the customer told us to hold off on the car for a while until they decided if they wanted to spend money on it, finally got approval to dive in farther. Mike Webb, I took you advice on looking for the broken wire under the carpet. I did find it broken in roughly the same spot you pointed out. I also found the carpet and padding were soaked due to clogged sunroof drains. After repairing the split wires I regained communication to my modules. Brake lights came to life and shifter would now move. Transmission module however took a hard hit from the water leak though. Under the seat was flooded which required a new module and programming. Car has several drives and no codes returned. Went home last night. Thank you all for your help on this.
  9. Tried to get an auto scan but the ABS and TRANSMISSION module are not communicating with my scan tool. Tried Snap on, Matco, and VAG. None will talk! Customer approved DIAGNOSTICS to repair communication issue. Will post more info tomorrow when I get back at it. Time to take my fat ass to some air conditioning and TV for the night.
  10. VIN: WVGBE77L58D005777 Production Month / Vehicle Year: June / 2008 Production Month / Vehicle Year: June / 2008 Make: Volkswagen Model: Touareg (7L6) Engine: V6-3.6L (BHK) Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed Mileage: 127189 Affected System: Electrical / Electronic Wiring / Harness / Connections Description of Issue: NO Communication / MIL Light Scan Tool: Matco Related Repair History: No history on carCar was towed in after someone else did front brakes. Customer said they picked it up and drove home. Next morning the car wouldn't come out of park and had no brake lights. Scanned car for brake failure warning and could not communicate with ABS module. Watched data stream in engine computer for brake switch signal and found nothing. On further inspection i found the car had no brake light switch installed. Ordered one and installed and hit a wall. There is no brake switch harness under the dash. I removed several trim pieces and found nothing. Called VW, and was told it was impossible not to have one. I do have a 4 pin square plug that is open, but the brake switch connector is supposed to be a 4 pin flat plug. Is there any way that there is supposed to be a "jumper harness" that is missing? VW keeps telling me I'm stupid, and there's no way it's missing. This should be a simple fix, but.....
  11. Have not heard any more on this car as to if it's ok or blown up. Going to close it as fixed now. thanks again guys.
  12. Wow! Finding out i had more open posts on here than i remember. customer declined any further work on the car. Said he didn't think it was worth the money he was sinking in it. Can't say as i blame him. So we are gonna close this as not fixed but gone.
  13. After all 8 new injectors and a ton of rats nest repairs car is fixed and back on the road.
  14. OK guys. Sorry I've taken so long on closing posts and responding. I've been so far out of the loop lately and covered up I couldn't see the daylight. This car has since had a new fuel rail, pressure sensor and regulator. So far it's been good. I wanted to make sure the car stayed gone before closing the post. Spoke to the customer Monday, and so far all is well. Gonna call this fixed, finally. Thank you again for the info and support.
  15. Wow! Sorry guys. Just realized i never closed this post. We found a faulty fuel pressure sensor on the fuel rail. 700 mikes since replacement of the sensor and no problems. Gonna call this one fixed for now. Thanks again for all the info