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  1. I would like to thank all of you guys for your help. After letting the Key sit in the EIS for 4 hours on the 4th hour the key would turn. I performed the coding required and the vehicle started and ran and the original complaint is resolved. It is curious that this procedure differed from my experience with the Green keys, but knowledge is power and now I know. Your a great bunch and I hope to see you at one of the west coast seminars.
  2. I did make sure to check inputs to the switch, everything checks out. I have the car hooked up to a battery maintainer and the SDS is plugged into an outlet with a full battery. Jivi, once the light on the orange key has gone out, isn't it at that point that the orange key should turn in the switch? It always had done that for me in the past. Did the procedure change at all throughout all of their color changes? Green, orange, green, orange. I did try and program an old key after the light went out, but to no avail. Now I did not try just letting an old key "sit" in the switch for a few hours, certainly something I can try. One interesting tid-bit, I can place the old key in the switch and it will unlock the steering lock but will not turn in the switch. Is it possible I simply have a bad new switch?
  3. The version I am using states on start up as follows. Diagnostics data version, 07/2015 C4 SDS Star
  4. Model: C280 Make : Mercedes Benz Production Month: 3 Engine: 2.8 V6 Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 79231 Scan Tool Implemented: Mercedes - SDS/Xentry Affected System: Electrical/Electronic Type of Problem: Electrical / Electronic Related Repair History: Vehicle Year: 1999 VIN: WDBHA29G1XA759657 I am replacing the electronic ignition switch on a 1999 C280. The reason for the replacement is an intermittent failure of the infrared sensor to recognize the keys. The keys can be jiggled and the steering lock will disengage. This affects both keys. Before any mechanical repairs where performed, I used SDS to perform "read coding and transfer to new control module" under EZS Control module adaptions. After the coding was read and being prompted to turn off the ignition and install the new control module I did so. I then used the orange key supplied by Mercedes along with the EIS. I installed the orange key into the switch, the red light illuminated and went out, however the ignition switch would still not turn. In the past, after the red light goes out the lock will turn and the transport lock is disabled. I then attempted to perform "Unlock electronic steering lock transport protection" through SDS. Although it claimed to have completed the procedure, the switch would not turn by either of the original keys or the orange key. I am unable to remove the transport lock from this switch, and as such unable to proceed with coding the new module. If I re-install the old module, the vehicle will still start and run as before. I have performed this procedure more than a few times and never run into any issues. I do not know if the orange key was faulty, the module is faulty, or my procedure is faulty. Both the EIS units are the same part number and share the same version coding. I am unable to provide a vehicle scan as SDS is not set up on our network. There are no faults in any module. The switch part number is 210-545-00-08 the version is 8.3 Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks guys.
  5. We had one come in from a car lot one time with a -24kw correlation issue and in the end after reconstructing the crime(s) that they had perpatated on the poor car prior to us getting out hands on it. we found that they had replaced the timing belt and one adjuster with a used one (of course) and they had used the wrong side thus the -24 correlation. Just sayin.....