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  1. Got a new NAV disc, put it in and everything is working. Expensive disc at $200! The later model cars NAV systems do require that FSC code to get it working it seems.
  2. Yes Angelo. I'll let you know as soon as I am ready with the drive.
  3. VIN: WBAVB33566PS15288 Production Month / Vehicle Year: March / 2006 Production Month / Vehicle Year: March / 2006 Make: BMW Model: 330i Engine: N28 Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed ZF Mileage: 78000 Affected System: Electrical / Electronic Controllers / Control Units / System Control CCC Description of Issue: INOP / Intermittent Scan Tool: Autel Related Repair History: First time customerI am going to replace the CCC unit in this car as it is dead. This is the first time for me doing this and I needed some pointers before starting. The NAV disc also will not eject. Do I need to buy another new disc or am I able to program it into the NAV through ISTA-P? I am going to install the new unit into the car once I get my HDD from Angelo and get my machine running again.
  4. Talked to a few different owners and several techs and it seems like this is a normal function. I believe it's called ambiance or ambient lighting. Don't see any information in the owner's manual but there might be in WIS. It's also possible on the new Front SAM that they incorporated this feature.
  5. Customer came in this AM - I was able to reset the oil change reminder light with the Autel Maxisys 906. This car has one reminder for just the oil service, a intermediate service, and major service.
  6. Does anybody have a 2010 and later 204 chassis that they could look at real quick, to see if it does the same thing?
  7. Using 09/16 Xentry. There is only a fault code in ME for a intake manifold fault. All other systems have no faults.
  8. VIN: WDDGF5EB0AF422021 Production Month / Vehicle Year: August / 2010 Production Month / Vehicle Year: August / 2010 Make: Mercedes Benz Model: C300 Engine: M272 Transmission: Automatic 7-Speed 722.9 Mileage: 71000 Affected System: Electrical / Electronic Lighting / Interior / Exterior Footwell Lamps Description of Issue: Unknown Scan Tool: Mercedes – DAS/Xentry (Clone) Related Repair History: Replaced Front SAM last month for parasitic draw.Just trying to find out if it is a standard or optional feature for the front left and right footwell lamps to be very dimly lit. This is while the car is being driven. Reading the owner's manual did not reveal anything about these lamps. The owner claims that she didn't see the lamps on before the Front SAM was replaced. No option in the Front SAM of altering them either. Could they be ambiance or "Mood" lighting?
  9. So apparently on this late model car it stores like 3 service interval reminders. One for just the oil change that is due now, and also two future services which are upcoming. The customer is in no hurry and he will be stopping by in the following weeks for me to reset it. I did look into the new Autel MS906 that I got, and saw that there are two choices for resetting the oil service indicator. Will report back again.
  10. I don't know how it happened but the title heading should read 991 and not 996.
  11. Oh yeah, I know that it can be reset only through a PWIS or comparable scan tool. There is no manual reset possible. I will take a shot at it with the Autel and see what happens I guess.
  12. VIN: WPOABZA95ES122159 Production Month / Vehicle Year: January / 2014 Production Month / Vehicle Year: January / 2014 Make: Porsche Model: 991 (911 7th Gen) Carerra Engine: 3.8 Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed Mileage: 7400 Affected System: Electrical / Electronic IP/ICM / Cluster / Gauges / Indicators RESET SRI Description of Issue: Unknown Scan Tool: AutelThis car that I just did an oil change last week needs the oil change reminder reset. I saw while searching through the instrument cluster that there is another maintenance message that is for the 37K mile service. So if I understand correctly the car has 2 different types of maintenance reminders? I just bought this new Autel MS906 and was wondering if it can reset both of these. Can't exactly remember what made that 37K mile service message a[pear but why it would show now is a mystery to me.
  13. Removing the xenon lamp control units I could smell a strong burnt smell. Replaced left and right control units and bulbs. Both headlights now working.
  14. VIN: WVWFV71K38W044359 Production Month / Vehicle Year: July / 2007 Production Month / Vehicle Year: July / 2007 Make: Volkswagen Model: GTI Engine: 2.0 Transmission: Automatic 5-Speed Mileage: 83000 Affected System: Electrical / Electronic Lighting / Interior / Exterior INOP Description of Issue: INOP / Intermittent Scan Tool: Autel Related Repair History: Replaced left headlight bulb back in May of this year.The car came in with the left side xenon headlight inoperative. The right side was working. The customer had taken it to another shop and they swapped the bulbs and igniters left to right. The left side components worked when installed on the right side. Scanning the central electronics module I found code 0978 for left headlight bulb positive side shorted. Checked fuses and found them to be ok and none missing. While working on the left side the right side headlight went off. The car was running and the headlight switch was in the "on" position. The customer who was waiting inside the car told me that he saw the right headlight start to flash a few times before it went out completely. I then swapped the ballasts and installed a brand new bulb into the right headlight but the right side still won't switch on. Scanned the central electronics module again and now I have code 0979 right headlight bulb positive side shorted to ground. I smelled a burning smell on the right headlight and noticed the xenon control module on the bottom of the headlight unit to be very hot. I touched the left side control module and it too felt very hot although it never once came on. In actual values in the central electronics module the headlight switch shows on and off when the switch is activated. Turning the headlights on in activation, there still is no activation for either side. I don't know if maybe both headlight modules are both toast.
  15. Just got off the phone with the owner of the vehicle and happy to report that the SRS light has stayed off. It's been about 2 months now since I replaced the contact ring, so I guess that I'm calling this one FIXED!