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  1. Is all software up to date on the vehicle?
  2. I'd pull the Valve cover and check the Camshaft tensioner chain guides. The bottom guide will come apart in pieces causing the intake cam to advance one tooth. On a cold start, It will excessively crank till you get full oil pressure up to that chain tensioner. The chain needs to be exactly 16 rollers from cam to cam I've seen them report faults, and I've seen them not report faults. With this high of a mileage, checking or good measure wouldn't hurt. I owned a 2002 Audi A4 Avant, and that was the fix for my excessive crank time Only in the mornings and if I was parked on a slanted driveway.
  3. Take the front drive shaft off, turn the ESP off, and go for a ride. The transfer case chain rattle will vibrate throughout the whole entire vehicle on these big pigs
  4. The FRM are failing like crazy. Haven't seen a SIB from actual Mini, but BMW has one SIB 01 20 16. These modules are covered 8 years 125k
  5. Yeah that's what I've been hearing about the Web ETM's, huge bummer. Thanks for the heads up Mike. And much Appreciated help from everyone. I got an exploded view from the dealer and that part is actually serviceable. Its called a Directional Control Valve and it attached to the oil pump. part # 278 180 0415. The dealer said no open campaigns on this and no service bulletins issued "YET" and they have tons of those in stock. Tthe infamous ECU full of oil is back. And the customer has already been notified to save the receipts. Once I get the okay to proceed with the job, I'll send some pictures of the work. Trying to figure out how to upload another picture to this post of the exploded view Thanks Josh
  6. I gathered some more info . I disconnected the connector to generate a fault. P06DA00: Actuation of the valve of oil pump in the combustion engine electrical fault. Its the Y130- Engine Oil Pump Valve 2 pin: 1-BL/GN 2-GN/RT
  7. Model: ML350 Make : Mercedes Benz Production Month: 11 Engine: 276.955 V6 3.5L Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 63478 Scan Tool Implemented: Mercedes - SDS/Xentry Affected System: Electrical/Electronic Type of Problem: Electrical / Electronic Related Repair History: None Vehicle Year: 2011 VIN: 4JGDA5HB9CA024857 Good afternoon gentlemen. I got this Mercedes with some oil migration up the harness and into the Engine Control Module. I found the sensor that is causing the problem, It is located just to the left of the crankshaft pulley. I can't seem to find the sensor identification and a labor time. I checked through my WEB ETM's and my machine doesn't have the 166 chassis in it yet. I attached a picture of the sensor. Thanks Josh
  8. Thanks Joe! yup after submitting my post, The light bulb lit up. Installed the tow hook and dropped the frame.
  9. Model: 328I Coupe Make: BMW Production Month: 3 Engine: N51 3.0L Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 76578 Scan Tool Implemented: BMW OEM ISTA Affected System: Engine Type of Problem: Engine Related Repair History: Vehicle Year: 2008 VIN: WBAWV13518P120060 Good afternoon gentlemen. I'm bringing in this vehicle to replace the oil pan gasket. All OEM parts, oil pan gasket and all aluminum bolts. I'm looking for a good engine support location. I've done some research and can't seem to find a known good one. There is a deep thread hole located beside the oil pressure switch. Is there a special threaded hook tool that fits? Or is there another location to support the engine? Thanks Josh
  10. I'd throw a new crank position sensor in it to start, install a fuel gauge and test drive. I've seen many of those MK4 Jetta, Gti, Golf, etc. with crank position sensor issues that were so intermittent it wouldn't record a fault in the ECU. Also, A bad fuel pump, possibly shorting out intermittently, will not record a fault in the ECU. (always replace FP relay when pump is replaced). Have a good weekend guys Cheers
  11. 2.5 Is what I came up with and all worked out as planned. The spark plugs were installed with no issue. Thanks for the heads up Jivi
  12. Model: E350 4matic Wagon Make: Mercedes Production Month: 9 Engine: 276.952 V6 3.5L Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 58903 Scan Tool Implemented: Mercedes - SDS/Xentry Affected System: Engine Type of Problem: Engine Related Repair History: None Vehicle Year: 2011 VIN: WDDHH8JB2CA525365 Vehicle came in for an "A" service. It calls for a cabin filter, oil service, spark plugs, etc. Says it calls for 2.5hrs to replace. The repair instructions seem like it's missing out on a few things. Does the entire intake manifold need to be removed to replace the plugs? Intake manifold calls for 2.9hrs. I looked up the repair on my WIS and nothing on the stand alone. Trying to figure all the parts needed to build this one out for the customer. Thanks Josh