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  1. Hello everyone, my apologies for the late update. I was able to find reliable wiring diagrams using GT1 clone software. I then was able to backprobe the ELV connector, and energized Terminal 15 and Terminal R and verify KOEO components. With both terminals energized i was now able to interrogate the car using the 20 pin connector under the hood. Needless to say, there was NO communication to the ELV and multiple no communication to ELV faults stored in other components. Replaced the ELV and FIXED the problem. Thanks again everyone for your input, it is always apreciated. Fernando The Driving Machine
  2. Hello everone. double checking my VIN, I made a mistake. Correct VIN as follows : WBAEJ1341YAH60239 I also edited my original post. thanks again.
  3. VIN: WBAEJ1341YAH60239 Production Month / Vehicle Year: August / 2000 Production Month / Vehicle Year: August / 2000 Make: BMW Model: Z8 Roadster E52 Engine: 4.9L V8 S62 Transmission: Manual 6-Speed Mileage: 17459 Affected System: Electrical / Electronic Controllers / Control Units / System Control ELV Description of Issue: INOP / Intermittent Scan Tool: Autologic (Blue Box)Hello everyone, We have a Z8 that is giving us a difficult time. No accessory or START available. This car has both key and start button. The steering lock or ELV clicks and sounds like its attempting to release the steering wheel but after three attempts it times out locks the steering wheel. without the steering wheel unlocked, EWS will not release Terminal 15 or terminal R so I cannot interrogate any control modules. I have removed trims and panels to access the 12 pin connector to the ELV. I'm having a difficult time locating the correct wiring diagrams for this vehicle. Any thoughts or ideas on how to verify the ELV unit is working correctly? I've probed around and verified power and grounds. Battery checks out okay as well. Thank you for you time and have a great weekend. Fernando
  4. Good afternoon, and thanks again for all the insight on my problem. I removed the transmission, then bell housing, and found the thrust washer smashed! It goes between the bell housing and trans assembly There was a torque spec of 49 Flb torque in all data for the transmission assembly. Well.... that was wrong, because that torque smashed the washer [ which is plastic ] We found a transmission book for this transmission, and found a new torque of 29 Flb to mate the bell housing to the transmission. I reassembled the unit now the transmission works........test drove good Again, thanks! Daniel at The Driving Machine
  5. Thanks for all the inputs NO faults in the EGS = GM A4S310R is the trans number I'm using a Generic GT1 and a CS 2000 I'm able to see the shift lever moving through the CS 2000 OK, but found the engine at idle around 600 rpm. OK, but the output speed was at 0 rpm. Ii know this is a problem With the Generic GT1, i can activate a couple of solenoids, and hear them click Daniel
  6. VIN: WBAHJ6315NGD20601 Production Month / Vehicle Year: April / 1992 Production Month / Vehicle Year: April / 1992 Make: BMW Model: 525i Touring (E34) Engine: L6-2494cc 2.5L DOHC (M50) Transmission: Automatic 4-Speed GM A4S310R Mileage: 197915 Affected System: Engine / Powertrain Transmission / Drivetrain No faults in EGS Description of Issue: INOP / Intermittent Scan Tool: BMW GT1 Related Repair History: regular transmission service regular customerGood morning the other day i removed this transmission to reseal the bell housing. I flipped the transmission upright & removed the bell housing to resealed it. Then, reassembled the bell housing. I reinstalled the transmission back in the car. I started the car, then refilled with ATF. But when i went to run through the gears nothing moved, no drive no reverse nothing. i checked fuses 17 7.5 amp.....OK fuse. Fuse 1, 15 amp OK i checked power at the EGS power in at red wire pin 28 13VDC, good power out at red wire pin 40 13VDC, good i believe the problem is in the transmission. The fluid is good, power to the transmission is good. Fuses are good, NO faults, good communication to the EGS. All i did was just unplugged the power cable to the transmission, and moved it to one side. Removed transmission, resealed bell housing, then reinstalled the assembly. Thank you any insight on this problem. This would be great Daniel at The Driving Machine
  7. Hello everyone, update on this problem - FIXED! Just as Jivi said, low voltage does some weird things to the SAM. Replaced the SAM, coded and RLS and Wipers came online again. As it turns out, after we fixed the problem, customer states the wipers weren't working after the battery was replaced a little over a month ago. We have been having some rain in bay area recently. I'm willing to bet that the battery was disconnected while the auto wiper function was active - possibly ruining the LIN bus signal. Thank you everyone for the help. Fernando The Driving Machine Cupertino CA
  8. Hello everyone, thank you for the input. We tried a hard reset over the weekend with no luck. Prior to that, I have verified wiper input from the combination switch. also verified door and hood latch signals as closed. I have also tired to clear codes, however 2 codes are "hard faults" and will not clear. they are as follows: U115300 Communication with the windshield wiper for the front windshield has a malfunction. U023100 Communication with the rain/light sensor has a malfunction. I have also tried to disconnect the RLS and see if any wiper speeds return, they did not. We have used a loaner RLS and stil no wiper operation. I have tried using both Xentry and Autologic tool to communicate with either RLS or wiper motor. NO communication, and cannot active wiper motor with scan tools. At this point i'm suspecting a SAM. My apologies for the late response, thanks again! Fernando The Driving Machine Cupertino, CA
  9. VIN: WDDGF5EBXBR134488 Production Month / Vehicle Year: June / 2010 Production Month / Vehicle Year: June / 2010 Make: Mercedes Benz Model: C300 (204.054) Engine: V6-3.0L (272.947) Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed Mileage: 76722 Affected System: Body System Wiper / Washer RAIN/LIGHT SENSOR, WIPERS Description of Issue: INOP / Intermittent Scan Tool: Mercedes – DAS/Xentry (Clone) Related Repair History: no repair history to my knowledgeWindshield wipers inoperative. Quick scan using Xentry clone found codes stored in RLS (rain/light sensor) and in FSW (Windshield wiper) and (SAM) as follows: RLS U023100 Communication with the rain/light sensor has a malfunction FSW U115300 Communication with the windshield wiper for the front windshield has a malfunction (event) B237954 The wiper motor has a malfunction. Calibration was not performed SAM B16FB15 The right front fog lamp has a malfunction. There is a short circuit to positive or an open circuit. B16F711 The left front fog lamp has a malfunction. there is a short circuit to ground. B23A212 Output 2 for the pump for the windshield washer system has a malfunction. There is a short circuit to positive. ALL CODES CLEARED AND RETURN IMMEDIATELY Battery maintainer on during testing at 14.0V I've checked the following components: Wiper motor (M6/1) Red wire: 13.9V Brown wire: ground OK. Pink/Brown: LIN2 bus shows between 11.8 - 12.1 V no communication possible via Xentry. attempt to activate wiper motor via Xentry gives an error message. also, no communication to rain/light sensor possible. same error message comes up. cannot run initialization or rain/light sensor. I fear my Xentry software is not up to date and is giving me issues communicating to this model. I have removed components in the LIN2 bus and see if communication is reestablished. Removed FSW from circuit and check- still no communication. reconnect FSW, now removed RLS, wipers still inop. reconnect RLS, now removed OBF( upper control panel ), wipers still innop. now removed both RLS and OBF, wipers still innop. I suspect I have multiple problems. is there a way to check the operation of a RLS? i see three wires from the sensor, I'm guessing Power, ground and LIN? The FWS also has power, ground and LIN signal. Does that component have everything it needs to work? if so am i looking at a bad motor or am i missing something? Does communication to the wiper motor pass through the RLS via the LIN? i also verified wiper control switch is working with Xentry, wiper switch signal received in diagnostic request. Thank you very much in advance, Fernando
  10. Hi Guys, the repair information posted, W190-197 DTC transmission fluid service PDF, looks like everything we need for the fluid changes, THANKS. I would suppose the external filter is self explanatory.
  11. My name is Ricky and I am actually the person looking for this information. Pete started a post for me due to computer issues on my end. I contacted a service advisor at our local MB dealer, gave him the VIN and he told me this car has a transmission service interval of 40k. He told me all pre-2013 cars have 40k ATS intervals. This car doses have 40k on it at this time. The parts rep at the dealer told me it needs 2 fluids, 001 989 87 03 09 and 001 989 86 03 09, and 1 external filter, 197 402 00 91. I have not been able to source alternative fluids and really do not want to but 2-20 liter buckets of fluid for what may be a one time use. Do you have the procedures to complete this transmission service, I would really appreciate Any alternatives are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your replies.
  12. Thanks very much guys ! will get car back in and report findings. Thanks very much guys ! will get car back in and report findings.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I have a total draw at batt of .117A and .08A thru Circuit breaker F100 to front breaker box. Thru Circuit breaker F101 .01A, Thru Circuit breaker F102 .04A, F102 supplies the rear fuse box and fuse #55 has .03A and is listed for servotronic, but when I pull the fuse the shifter light goes out and the car still won't sleep. In the breaker box under the passengers seat the only draws are on F110 .05A and F114 .03A. leaving F114 disconnected the car still wont stay asleep and disconnecting the 3 output wires on F110 one at a time doesn't produce sleep and one wire supplies the general module (shift light goes out) F110 was where I was finding the 2 amps before disconnecting the IHKA. Fuses #15 & #16 are powered up from the convienance relay and it will power down for a second when it tries to sleep, which is at least telling me that the relay is not stuck. This E38 has the final stage resistor under the dash cover and is not easily disconnected like a E39 or E46, I did pull fuses 7, 11, & 20 which were listed for A/C. No listing for front blower motor. still need to try and pull EWS, SRS, drivers door module, servotronic, and someone mentioned a relay on the right rear shock tower? Thanks for listening, William
  14. Thank you very much for the information, I was able to pin out the solenoids. We compared the values from bank to bank and found that the resistances were identical. We also looked at live data on the VANOS unit in question and found the following. @ IDLE BANK 2 INLET VANOS, ACTUAL VALUE (CR) 547.14 INLET VANOS, SPECIFIED (CR) 552.16 EXHAUST VANOS, ACTUAL VALUE (CR) 538.10 EXHAUST VANOS, SPECIFIED (CR) 60.24 at idle, the engine is missing on bank 2, very very rough as we increase engine RPM (~3500), the specified value for exhaust vanos increase and matches the actual value. At that point the enine runs smooth. Seems like the Vanos Unit is stuck and cannot adjust in either direction. One more thing that I failed to mention is that there was engine oil backed up into both intake air boots and boxes. Thanks again, Fernando
  15. Model: 530i (E60) Production Month: 7 Engine: 3.0L (M54) Transmission: Automatic 5-Speed Mileage: 68820 Scan Tool Implemented: Autologic Affected System: Chassis/Suspension Type of Problem: Steering / Mechanical / Hydraulic Related Repair History: Vehicle Year: 2004 VIN: WBANA73564B810758 Hello everyone, We are working on an E60 with a dynamic drive problem. We have narrowed it down to a failing pressure sensor mounted on the dynamic drive pump. Here's the problem, parts film does not show those pressure sensors individually, only as part of the whole unit. however looking through other systems, we noticed that the pressure switch on the DSC/ABS module are identical. Same connector configuration, same pin count. Has anyone come across this problem before? are the ranges of pressure the same for the ABS and DSC ? Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks again, Fernando The Driving Machine Cupertino, CA