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  1. I agree with Mike, every vehicle should have a Autoscan and be should be saved. This increases your data base for future vehicles. VW and AUDI do not care about the older vehicles and will not save the information. Also I give 10 thumbs up to Ross-Tech for there info on all VW and AUDI.
  2. You should be able to communicate with the modules even though they are not coded. Unless ODIS overlooked the module. Some times when ODIS runs thru the module list it will miss some. You can go and select the module that it did not find by the name and address, then click on it and select it to self identify. Also being a 2004 ODIS might not help you much. Did you try retrieving the coding from the old modules using Ross-Tech? Coding using Ross-Tech suggestions? Being a older vehicle Ross-Tech might be your best bet.
  3. convertable

    I did some research on this issue and found everything that was already posted. I would start thinking outside the box. Start by testing the inputs with a scope. I would start with the G356 top position sensor. Might have a drop out or glitch that is confusing the module. Garbage in will confuse it. Might read correct on the MVB's but might drop out and set your fault and shutting the top down.
  4. Most likely will both catalytic converters. I have seen a few of these and the cars are not worth fixing. VW was having problems with there converters around the time your car made. Some vehicles received warranty extensions and some received software updates, But the Passat V6 never had any. You could try setting Readiness and see what happens, but most likely will need the cats.
  5. You can use the resistor trick on other makes and models. Used it on a 2011 BMW 535i headrest the other day to help diagnose a defective firing charge.
  6. Take a good look at the wiring going to the transmission also. It is a sporadic fault and you could have a small break in the wiring and could open under load. I have never ran into these faults before in all the years I have been working for VW. Could be a issue with the control unit (mechatronic unit) is located inside the transmission. This can be replaced. But remember there could be already damage to the transmission. There is not much else that can serviced on the unit as per VW, other than the clutch. There are some independent rebuilders that say they can but I do not how good. Also is the noise coming from between the engine and transmission? With many miles you could also have a noisy dual mass flywheel along with trans issues. This issue is common on high mileage units. The noise sounds like marbles bouncing around in the flywheel area.
  7. So customer has 144k on vehicle complains he has to spend money. The diesel fuel in the US is not the greatest and also the customer also forgets to tell you he buys the cheapest fuel he can find. What did you test the fuel with? I bet if you remove the intake pump you will find rust on the retaining rods, this is due to moisture in the fuel. People expect vehicles to be no maintenance and to modify them with no problems. I wished I could of added my 2 cents earlier in this discussion.
  8. I have tons of the camshaft replacement under warranty. I leave the timing belt tight. The exhaust cam shaft will stay in place. The rear timing cover needs a small piece trimmed with a set of dykes so you can remove the upper carrier. Remove the upper carrier. Remove the rear chain housing. I remove the bolts from the chain tensioner after depressing it and installing the retaining pin. Then you can swing the intake cam up and out of the way, I don't mess with the exhaust camshaft adjuster, the bolt never wants to come off with out a fuss. When assembling it just make sure it lines up correctly, it is easy to be off a tooth. These are some short cuts I have come up with. Hope this helps.
  9. Some times you will win the customers loyalty by telling them they can have it repaired for free some where else for free. The customer came to you and has trust in you, telling them about the warranty extension will bring them closer.
  10. Scan the vehicle and post the current faults. Also using a noid light could damage the ECM, the difference resistance of it could damage the driver. I don't use noid lights any more. I like scoping the injector circuit while it is loaded with the current injector. Also scoping the current of the circuit also helps. Reconnect everything, clear all fault and scope it. It could be you the incorrect resistance could set a fault and ECM shuts off the circuit. I have seen this on a circuit issue on the BPY 2.0L Turbo engine.
  11. I checked the updated vin, yes this vehicle does have a warranty extension on the manifold up to 120000 or 2021-08-03. Also there is a campaign open for water pump replacement. Ship to the dealer and have it repaired for free.
  12. You have to remember that those small metal particles are spread though out that system. That metal could be stuck in the injectors or else where. These are not normal injectors. Also your return side of the system needs to retain pressure so the injectors can operate properly, This could be causing your low fuel pressure with nothing to pump against. Not the way to go on these just replacing the high pressure pump. You need to replace the intake pump/ sender assembly (the spring loaded rods rust and pickup screens get plugged up), No need to drop the tank (just clean it thru the fuel pump opening), Flush the fuel and return lines front to rear, replace the aux in engine compartment pump if equipped, high pressure pump, clean or replace all engine compartment fuel lines, replace the fuel rail (which includes the sensors), all injectors and fuel filter. I have uploaded the latest TB from VW about this. I have one these rebuilds with 160k on waiting for me to perform this tomorrow. nopress.pdf
  13. Sensor is bad and not available separate.So Intake manifold needs replacement. Also Vin number is wrong. If it was correct could tell you if there is a warranty extension on manifold. Some of these had a warranty extension because they where failing so much. Attached will find the TB from VW. intake tb.pdf
  14. Make sure you have a good battery and a maintainer on it when performing the retraction. I always leave the vehicle running and retract the pistons. Shut off the vehicle, perform the brake repairs and then start the vehicle. At this point I extend the pistons and then set basics. All done using ross-tech. Also there is a software update for the early Passat's for the electric parking brake module issues. It updates the module several times in row. About 3 versions.
  15. The rule of thumb if still runs it most likely just needs a tensioner. I have had several with 2 teeth and no engine damage. Retime them and install a tensioner, lower cover, upper cover, upper guide and crank bolt. Then chain the oil and filter. Most of them come in not running with the oil filter of death (cheap quick lube filter). Then it needs a cylinder head (all intake valves bent) I always check every thing with a borescope.