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  1. We haven't had rain over here in months............ The trunk area is dry, and the only thing back there is the RDC, and bluetooth module. Can the CAS cause the locks to go nuts?
  2. 4.01....... As for other codes, I cannot retrieve them unless I can get the thing to power up again..... I did unplug the KGM, and got no reaction from the key with it out. I don't get why it sits there and locks and unlocks all the doors, trunk and fuel door continually.
  3. There were several CAS codes: 00A0A9 CAS: CONTROL UNIT FAULT 00A0B8 CAS: Hall Sensor, Key engaged 00A0B9 CAS: Hall Sensor Key Eject 00A0BA CAS: Hall Sensor Start-Stop Button 00A0BB CAS:Hall Sensor Start-Stop Button 00A0BD CAS: Output, wake up line 00A0BE CAS: Terminal 15 output 1 00A0BF CAS: Terminal 15 output 2 00A0C0 CAS: Terminal 15 output 3 There were also codes in numerous other modules that I wasn't able to copy as the car kept shutting off and on. Can a CAS cause all these other demons, or am I fighting yet another wiring ghost caused by idiots that had no business working on this car?
  4. VIN: WBANW13568CZ82139 Production Month / Vehicle Year: April / 2008 Production Month / Vehicle Year: April / 2008 Make: BMW Model: 535i Engine: 3.0 Transmission: Automatic 5-Speed Mileage: 108875 Affected System: Electrical / Electronic General Electrics / Electronics Tons of faults Description of Issue: Multiple CODES Scan Tool: BMW OEM – ISTA (Virtual Machine / Clone) Related Repair History: Engine swap done by other shopOK, This car is possessed with demons. Car came to us barely running, and we have fixed a myriad of wrong wires, misplaced plugs, and stuff just not there. The battery was shot, so we replaced it and registered to car. The owner is deployed overseas, and we have had to wait to do certain things until he can send us an email. We drove the car to our back lot, locked it up and let it sit. one day, the trunk was open all by it self. We closed it, and the next day it was open again. The battery was low, (from sitting) so we charged it up. The trunk then stayed closed. We brought it in Friday to do some more work on it, it wouldn't crank, and the ignition wouldn't stay on. We shorted the terminals together and left it inside for the weekend. This morning, I put the terminal back on the battery, and the locks kept locking and unlocking every few seconds. The key FOB is recognized as soon as you put it in the slot as a picture of the key comes on the dash. No ignition on circuit, so we can't even pull codes. I let it sit there for a while, and the ignition would come on for a few seconds, and then go off again, I was able to pull some codes out of it, and found faults in several modules. I attempted a clear, but the ignition kept on turning on and off, so I don't know how effective it was. It still won't crank, and I don't know where to begin. I have the OBD interrupter from Baum Tools hooked in, and it looks like a Christmas tree with all the flashing lights, and beeps constantly.
  5. David is correct in that you will have to register it in AW 19 with long coding. Those instructions work on all models that have the monitoring capability. HOWEVER........ Unless you have the serial number, part number, and vendor code, it will probably not let you register it. In these cars, we just buy the battery from the "Stealer" and proceed normally. It is an easy process with the VCDS if you just pay attention. I might add, the last one we bought was cheaper than one from Interstate or Varta, and came with a 2 year replacement warranty. Have fun, Thomas
  6. So, here is what I did. I got this wire splice at the local electrician's supply: And I cut into the harness Here: and on the body side at same place: Leaving the finished product as thus: I charged him much lighter than if I would have had to put the whole harness as per BMW, and he was good to go. (I got his permission first) Reset all the computers and voila! All was fine, and I learned that sometimes these damn things just go BANG!
  7. I did check. They only offer the entire cable.
  8. VIN: WBXPC93427WF24028 Production Month / Vehicle Year: May / 2007 Production Month / Vehicle Year: May / 2007 Make: BMW Model: X3 Engine: 3.0 Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed GA6L45R Mileage: 102296 Affected System: Electrical / Electronic Wiring / Harness / Connections BST Description of Issue: Possible Short Scan Tool: BMW OEM – ISTA (Virtual Machine / Clone) Related Repair History: NoneCar gets towed in with no crank condition. Hooked up jump box to front, car cranks and starts. We went to check out the battery, and found the BST blown apart. Needless to say, that limits what the computer will show as far as faults. I did notice a lot of flickering lights on the way into the shop: Battery, ABS, Traction, etc. Battery passes tests after overnight trickle charger while separated from car. Obviously, the battery cable will have to be replaced, and I suspect the alternator is bad since the customer said the battery light was on for "a while" just before the car stranded them. Here is the question of the day: What the hell caused the BST to go off without an accident? Can an overcharging alternator do that? Edit: I just looked on Nodata, and the procedure calls for you to take off the dash panel, right seat, carpeting, and various trims to lay the cable from the battery all the way up under the dash to a connection there. It mus be mega hours to accomplish that......... Thanks, Thomas
  9. A little further digging came up with: SIB 11 09 05.pdf
  10. That looks like the oil check valve housing. If so, there should be a spring and a wafer floating around there as well.
  11. Check your Ignition switch.....if it is flaky, you can get a random battery light.
  12. I knew about this, but for some reason, I could not get this one to set. I tried it several times, but on the "up" trip, it would always go back down before getting in the set position. I disconnected the battery again, and after tapping window up, got it to take the basic setting again. Thanks as usual, Guys.
  13. VIN: 3VWCD31Y94M346801 Production Month / Vehicle Year: April / 2004 Production Month / Vehicle Year: April / 2004 Make: Volkswagen Model: Beetle Convertible Engine: 1.8L Turbo (AWV) Transmission: Manual 5-Speed Mileage: 40450 Affected System: Body System Convenience / Seats / Windows / Mirrors Description of Issue: Unknown Scan Tool: VCDS / Vag-Com Related Repair History: Regulator Cable ReplacementThis car came in with a problematic rear passenger window. I was able to move the window in its holding, and put a regulator kit in. (Factory) The car left with everything working, but came back a few days later and that window would go up about 1/2 way and then back down on its own. I got it up by holding the button in short bursts and helping the window up. ***There are no codes in the entire car, so I didn't bother posting the scan. (I know the rules)*** Is there an adaption/coding operation needed here? I have never run into one with this issue. Have searched high and low to no avail. Thanks in advance, Thomas
  14. I'm with Matt on this one......been there, been bitten by that damned blower resistor. It is real easy to get at, all you have to do is unplug it.
  15. I am with the Fuhrer on this one. It needs a LOT of stars. Great job, Fellas!