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  1. Hey guys, I'm sorry for not getting back to this to share a resolution, but the end result pissed me of so much that I had to step away from it and cool off a bit before I could formulate a reasonable accounting. After countless hours of reading and trouble shooting and having taken to heart the advice given by Joe and Jivi I was ready to pull the trigger on a new cluster. So I called the customer and informed him of where I was with the project, and he said go ahead with the cluster. So I ordered a cluster. When it arrived I called the customer to make sure that he was okay with it and he said he was. Fifteen minutes later I'm getting set to code the cluster and he is on the phone saying no wait."I found a cluster in a box of things that the previous owner had" He brought me the cluster I installed it, and things started working. The odometer tamper dot went away and interestingly enough the car gained 45,000 miles. Hmmm that's a little fishy. The next day the guy that used to own the car stopped in and I related the story of the car and its problems. I asked him why he had changed the cluster. He said that he had not, and I believe him as I have known him to be a person of character. In closing I really hate being lied to and I really hate it when someone tries to use me to cheat someone else. The car was sold soon after, and the individual was asked not to return to my shop.
  2. Smoke test it.... I've seen idle performance issues from cracked valve covers after re-seal. I had one last week that another shop had just done the reseal and sure enough they had cracked the valve cover on the third bolt back in the center of the cover because the had missed some of the old harden gasket remaining at that fastener location.
  3. How about the oil return hose deterioration....the one between the dip stick and the CCV?? I've seen these collapse and tear and do all kinds of havoc to idle performance before they fail completely
  4. Update on the 545i, After a several weeks of illness and playing catch up with everything else in the shop, I have returned to work on this puzzle. I found that the reason for no power at the OBD2 connector was due to connection faults in the forward junction box. Now that has been corrected, and now I have communication. Initially I found codes for the MPM and PDC went to the trunk and of course they had been taking swimming lessons at one time or another as the green cancer was rampant. I let the car set for a few days while waiting for replacements. I found with them removed and an ammeter connected in series at the battery's - terminal and cable and an occasional battery load test that the system was now longer drawing down the battery, and it was going to sleep. Also the wipers no longer ran un-commanded. Presently the new MPM, and PDC module are installed and coded. There are some other problems that maybe some of you could shed some light on. It appears someone in the past has been playing games with the cluster as the odometer tamper light is on. I think that this is the root of some of the other problems I'm having, but would like some insight from those of you that would be willing to help. Here is the list of hard faults: CID A468 External open circuit LVDS data line. AFS 612e Control unit: comparison vehicle id numbers. 614a Motor position angle not initialized.(when I go through the initialization process it acts like it takes but the next time cycle the key the fault returns.) ARS D1EB Message kilometer reading from the KOMBI faulty, receiver ARS, transmitter KOMBI. DSC 5F12 Brake pad wear, front axle (New OE sensor is installed, CBS reports it as 255% it act like it takes the reset to 100% but goes back on the next ignition cycle. The other CBS items have erroneous reports as well.) 5F49 instrument cluster interface. There are several other faults the appear over time but these are the ones the come back consistently after clearing. So I thought I' d concentrate on them first. I have found that the serial number stored in the cluster does not match the vehicle. I don't know of a way to wipe or rewrite the data stored in the cluster. I understand that people have been taking E39, and E46 clusters apart and replacing chips in them and successfully refitting used clusters in other cars, but I don't know if its possible in an E60. And this is beyond anything I've ever done or am equipped to do. So I am about to pull the trigger on a new cluster, but would really like some input from those more experienced before I do. Additionally are there any traps I CIP that I may run into when fitting a new cluster that you know of? Thanks, Mark
  5. Model: 545iA (E60) Make : BMW Production Month: 2 Engine: V8 4.4L (N62) Transmission: Automatic Mileage: 130357 Scan Tool Implemented: Autologic Affected System: Electrical/Electronic Type of Problem: Electrical / Electronic Related Repair History: Unknown body work operation I believe it may have been hail repair Vehicle Year: 2005 VIN: WBANB33505B116980 Gentlemen, This vehicle came in from a body shop after battery went dead and was jump started and charged. Here is what I know. It has a heavy battery draw, and will not go to sleep. The wipers run NON-Commanded 30 seconds after engine start. There is no power present at the diagnostic connector. No power windows or mirrors, no steering column adjustment, no interior lights. Rear doors lock/unlock operation only. No audio operation through iDrive or other wise. All of the fuses in the front and rear junction boxes have power present and none are missing or blown. There isn't a fuse box in the forward electronics box where the DME is located like most BMW's have. The check control system displays and electronics fault, and a PDC malfunction. The sunroof, the drivers seat and the exterior lights operate. A few years ago I had an 05 745 with similar faults except I was able to link up through the diagnostic connector, but this time there is no joy. That car turned out to be a bad safety security module, and it was long enough ago that I don't remember how I arrived at that being the fault. If any of you have any input that might be helpful or suggestions of a test plan that I could investigate, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mark