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  1. Agreed, this one sounds exactly like a ground / connection issue.
  2. He means he applied a load with the light bulb and if it lights bright the ground is suppose to be good. The very best way is to have the all the loads that use the circuit up and running, and do a volt drop test. In his case that is impossible due to the car not running. I have found resistance testing to be sketchy for anything other than continuity. A single strand of wire can have .1 ohms when the avg DVOM only applies 2.67 volts and almost no current to really LOAD the circuit. The bulb test is the next best thing.
  3. Agree with Peter on this one. No start wasn't in the original post, just a rattle and occasional limp mode. Sounds sorta like a self inflicted wound. Done it many times myself
  4. I have also. i removed the AHL module, it was clean and dry. I removed the other headlamp and AHL module just to take a look. The customer said the headlamps worked until they had a headlamp restoration done. I stated that this was the absolute best restoration job I had ever seen. So good that upon closer examination the shop had actually replaced the lenses. There was sticky glue everywhere on the back of the assembly. I swapped the AHL modules to see if the problem followed the module and when I hooked them both back up they both worked perfectly. I initialized them, they went through all the upper left lower, right stuff for both sides and said complete. Test drove and all is well. I am wondering if the shop hit or bumped the projector inside the assembly (while installing the lens) and it threw something off. I had the headlamp in my hands rolling it around looking for any problems and may have undone whatever it was they did. The customer is not going to put a new windshield in this one. He blames himself for the wrong glass he ordered it based off price. No auto wipers for him. He will actually have to lift a lever to wipe his windshield, first world problems. So we will close this one as FIXED! Thanks Brian
  5. On the headlamp issue I tried to initialize it and it says "ERROR ONE" . This one has been hit in the left front. The replacement headlamp assembly has BMW on it, but as you can tell, the left front headlamp will not light up. The customer bought a ballast because he had "read on some forums". I haven't called to tell him he wasted his money. I can make the light come on in the light switching module just fine. I have to figure out what is wrong with the assembly. I'm waiting to hear back from the customer on approval of diagnostic time.
  6. It has the place in the glass for the rain sensor to "look" through. I can see inside the sensor area. Do the aftermarket windshields you have seen initialize just fine? I'm thinking in my area most installers are putting them in and not changing the adaption. I am really not sure how the vehicle would know a windshield had even been installed unless the the rain sensor module does a SOH ping and notices something has changed. This is a name brand glass but I'm sure they have different levels of quality / price.
  7. VIN: WBXPA93416WG85135 Production Month / Vehicle Year: May / 2006 Production Month / Vehicle Year: May / 2006 Make: BMW Model: X3 3.0i (E83) Engine: L6-3.0L (M54) Transmission: Automatic 5-Speed Mileage: 104532 Affected System: Body System Convenience / Seats / Windows / Mirrors Windshield opacity Description of Issue: INOP / Intermittent Scan Tool: Autologic (Grey Box Assist +) Related Repair History: Body shop installed a windshield. It is NOT BMW but is Pilkington glass. Can aftermarket windshields be optically initialized. Autologic says they do not believe it will work. I can't get the optical initialization code to go away. I have tried the procedure twice. I hate to tell the customer they got to cut brand new glass out of the vehicle and install BMW. Has anyone tried aftermarket glass? WBXPA93416WG85135.2.pdf
  8. I'm going to close this one as FIXED. It has been gone for several weeks now. I changed the oil and did the VANOS flush with Autologic. It may have been a one time event that may reoccur sometime in the future. If it does I will reopen and we can go from there.
  9. On the test drive, the vehicle ran good and the code did not return. This car has a ton of oil leaks the customer wants fixed. Under the valve cover is super clean. The oil has been changed regularly in this car. I am going to try the VANOS flush function, and let her drive it a day or two and see if it comes back. Desired and Actual VANOS data are almost the exact same at this time.
  10. VIN: WBAVB33546KR79671 Production Month / Vehicle Year: June / 2005 Production Month / Vehicle Year: June / 2005 Make: BMW Model: 330i Sedan (E90) Engine: L6-3.0L (N52) Transmission: Automatic 5-Speed Mileage: 208345 Affected System: Engine / Powertrain Engine Mechanical / Internal Description of Issue: Hesitation / Cuts Out / Poor Acceleration Scan Tool: Autologic (Grey Box Assist +) Related Repair History: New CustomerAutologic Quick Test Report VIN WBAVB33546KR79671 Manufacturer BMW Vehicle E90 330i N52 4 door Saloon Year 06/2005 Country / Area USA Autologic information A020467, BMW v3.158.0, Main v6.6.0 Time / Date 09:46 19/04/2017 Modules with faults: FOOTWELL MODULE (FRM) (frm_87) 9 Faults 930C Clearance light, left, faulty 930D Clearance light, right, faulty 9311 Direction indicator, front right, faulty 931B Tail lamp, left 2, faulty 931C Tail lamp, right 2, faulty 931F Rear fog light/adaptive brake light, left, faulty 9320 Rear fog light/adaptive brake light, right, faulty 9321 Reversing light, left, faulty 9322 Reversing light, right, faulty INSTRUMENT CLUSTER (INSTR) (komb87) 2 Faults A554 No message (telephone) A3B1 Message error (turn-signal indicator light cycle, 0x1F6), receiver instrument panel, transmitter footwell module JUNCTION BOX ELECTRONICS (JBE) (jbbf87) 1 fault A6CA Switch-on relay for windscreen wipers TELEPHONE (TCU / ULF) (tele60_2) 1 fault A379 Bluetooth interface, fault SEAT MODULE, DRIVER (SMFA) (fas_plx) 1 fault 9E49 Hall sensor, seat height adjustment DYNAMIC STABILITY CONTROL (DSC) (dsc_87) 2 Faults 5DE3 Brake-pad wear: brake pads, rear axle 5DE0 Brake-pad wear: plausibility, front axle DIGITAL MOTOR/DIESEL ELECTRONICS (DME/DDE) (msv70) 1 fault 2A9A Crankshaft - inlet camshaft, synchronization Modules with no faults: FUNCTION CENTRE, ROOF (FZD) (fzd_87) No faults HEATING AND A/C CONTROL (IHK) (ihka87) No faults RAIN/LIGHT SENSOR (RLS) (rls_87) No faults AMPLIFIER (AMP) No faults USER INTERFACE (RAD / M-ASK-BO / CCC-BO / CICR) No faults GATEWAY (CIC-GW / CCC-GW / M-ASK-GW / RAD2-GW) (rad2_gw) No faults SATELLITE RADIO (SDARS) (sat_60) No faults LONGITUDINAL DYNAMICS MANAGEMENT (LDM) (ldm_90) No faults MULTIPLE RESTRAINT SYSTEM (MRS) No faults CAR ACCESS SYSTEM (CAS) No faults ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION MANAGEMENT (EGS) (gs19b) No faults FUEL PUMP (EKP) No faults Modules that are not fitted or did not communicate: TRAILER MODULE (AHM) COMFORT ACCESS (CA) SLIDING/TILTING SUNROOF (SHD) ANTI-THEFT ALARM SYSTEM (DWA) PARK DISTANCE CONTROL (PDC) SIREN WITH TILT SENSOR (SINE) CONVERTIBLE TOP MODULE (CTM) SEAT MODULE, PASSENGER (SMBF) REAR SEAT MODULE, PASSENGER (SMBFH) REAR SEAT MODULE, DRIVER (SMFAH) APPLICATIONS (CCC-A/CICR-HD) AERIAL TUNER (CCC-ANT) AUDIO SYSTEM CONTROLLER (CCC-ASK) CENTRAL INFORMATION DISPLAY (CID) CONTROLLER (CON/ZBE) CD CHANGER (CDC) DIGITAL TUNER (DAB) NAVIGATION SYSTEM (JNAV / M-ASK-NAV) VIDEO MODULE (VM) ACTIVE CRUISE CONTROL (ACC) ACTIVE STEERING (AL) ELECTRONIC POWER STEERING (EPS) DAMPER CONTROL (EDC) TRANSFER CASE (VTG) INTERFACE BOX HIGH (ULF-SBX-H) TYRE PRESSURE CONTROL (RDC) HIGH BEAM ASSIST (FLA) ALLROUND-VIEW CAMERA (TRSVC) SUPPLEMENTARY CONTROL UNIT (SEC) DVD CHANGER (DVDC) PARKING BRAKE (EMF) GEAR SELECTOR SWITCH (GWS) Customer states that vehicle shut off going down the road. It gets to me and it will start struggle to idle then die. I can make it run with some throttle as soon as it warms up it will idle but not the best. No sign of belt ingestion through the front crank seal. Has anyone found a way to say for sure the engine is out of time like we can do on VW cam adapt measuring blocks. I don't have the tools to check timing is why I ask. VANOS Inlet -.076 VANOS Exhaust -.092 I cleared codes and nothing returned right away. I'm gonna take it on a test drive real quick Thanks in advance Brian
  11. Ok guys, I'm gonna post this one as a fix, No shock here cause it was the T-Stat. I felt it was that, I just wanted to see if there was a way to test the part before I "threw" one on it. Thanks for the info
  12. I have put many thermostats in for the stuck open code, and operating temp not reached (P0128) and will do likewise for this code. That being said this code definition was interesting. Does this particular thermostat have a heater built in or does it just mean heater like cabin air temp heat. I asked my guy at SSF and he said later model ones had heaters but this one wasn't showing a heater. Is this info correct? Is the AL giving me the correct definition?
  13. VIN: WBA3B1C5XDF462392 Production Month / Vehicle Year: April / 2013 Production Month / Vehicle Year: April / 2013 Make: BMW Model: 320i Sedan (F30) Engine: L4-2.0L Turbo (N20) Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed Mileage: 57781 Affected System: Engine / Powertrain Engine Cooling System MAP Thermostat Description of Issue: Unknown Scan Tool: Autologic (Grey Box Assist +) Related Repair History: New vehicle to our shop. I have a code 1D2404 Map Thermostat, activation: Line Disconnection. Generic code P0597 Thermostat Heater Control. I have checked connections and all are o.k. Can I get a test plan for this code. I'm having trouble finding info. Thanks in advance Brian
  14. Thomas is right. I have had several of those switches fail. Peter's question is spot on. If you only have 10 volts at the fuse test point you won't need to know where that splice located.
  15. Our shop is about 5 min outside Clemson University, and it would surprise you to see the cars these kids drive. M cars, AMGs, S lines are common. When I was in college I drove a 89 CRX si and thought it was bad stuff . BTW... it is all on their parents dime.