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  1. Hey Brian, I've got a 2007 328i in right now with almost the exact same issue! Customer was driving car....... shook and dies. Towed in, and it starts for a second or two then dies. Every time throws fault 2a9a inlet cam synchronization. OUR diagnostics has included: Tried swapping VANOS solenoids Replacing cam and crank position sensors. Pulled Oil filter cap to inspect Removed valve cover and inspected intake #1 journal for ring wear. ALL this and no fault found... But these are what i would suggest starting with if that 2A9A fault returns Also check your cam positions while running and eccentric shaft positions. If no fault returns, try a smoke test on the intake I've seen these engines run weird with even the slightest leaks, especially around the valve cover (PCV?) And no.. we don't have the timing tools yet, (ordered them today) as far as i see visually looking at the cams they look fine and correctly timed but cant say for sure without tooling. check out this video fairly informative if you haven't torn one of these apart. Keep us posted and ill keep you posted with what we find.
  2. Hey Peter, thanks for the replies.. sorry to hijack this old post. Just a quick summary of the repairs made today: Car came in with P0068 and P1075, both codes stored and no CEL. We checked the data and found that MAF correction was -33% induced a small vacuum leak would raise the correction value and a large leak would go way positive. We swapped out the MAP sensor to verify our base line (since the correction percent is based off the difference between calculated MAF and actual MAP) NO change with new MAP still reading -33% correction at idle We then removed the throttle body ( it was not very dirty) cleaned it up back to new (super shiny) Correction value went to 1.4% , test drive OK (drove fine before) released to customer. END RESULT these cars are very very picky, looks OK is not good enough. Clean your throttle bodies!!
  3. Hey Peter, we got fault code P0068 and P1075. We replaced the map sensor with a dealership new part.
  4. ALRIGHT guys, thanks for all the replies. I installed and coded the new JBE (and took it out of transport mode) reassembled the car and all CAN communication is good. Cleared all the faults, test drive no faults returned and no more warning lights and tach works. Just a quick rundown, car came in with multiple warnings on the dash including CEL, ABS, DSC, SUSP, MMS, and the tach was not working. Found no communication to all drivetrain modules, and lots of communication faults in other modules Confirmed PT-CAN bus operation (good signal) but not talking out of the JBE. Performed checks of all wiring and connectors all OK. ALL power and grounds OK Replaced JBE control module (not the actual fuse/relay box) and all communication restored. Thanks one more time, JOSH
  5. Alright guys, we talked to the dealer, and they have done 8 of these JBE modules in house. and have 2 on the parts shelves. We went ahead and got approval for a new module. which will be here tomorrow, Keep your fingers crossed and I'll update the post after the install.
  6. Hey guys just a little update, we reprogrammed the JBE, CAS(with related modules), and KOMBI. No change to communications with power-train modules. So sounds to me as if this PT-CAN signal is OK, and that the wiring and 120k resistor in the JBE is OK. Really don't like replacing modules without some better evidence, or at least reference to a common fault (like ABS modules on 2000's Audi's). Well the next question is weather or not you have seen these JBE modules go bad (for this reason or any other) and whether or not we should replace the fuse box with it (Again I checked power and the B+ cable and both were OK).
  7. Hey David as far as DSC communication being down, as far as I know the F-CAN is just a pass through of the JBE, and simply a sub can bus for the DSC, and the only way to communicate with the DSC is through the pt-can. Now about the FRM having all those communication errors. I wounder if those errors are based off the K-CAN or the PT-CAN. Hey Peter, i agree with you on a possible charging system fault, except I have no communication with just the key on (doesn't change whether engine is running or not) I checked all the connectors i could find on the PT-CAN and everything is clean and clear. If anyone else wants to chime in about this wave form please do, or I think we might just close our eyes and try to sell the JBE.
  8. OK, this picture is with a trigger set, and time frame zoomed in. Again, key ON....engine OFF. Tapped on the PT-CAN HIGH and LOW, and the DME harness.
  9. Just to expand a little. PT-CAN voltage key OFF (can asleep) 0 volts PT-CAN voltage key OFF (can awake) 2 volts PT-CAN voltage key ON: HIGH = 2.5 volts ~ 3.5 volts LO = 2.5 volts ~ 1.5 volts PT-CAN voltage key ON, engine running HIGH 2.5 volts ~ 3.5 volts LO 2.5 volts ~ 1.5 volts And the question? Is this signal normal, from my understanding bad would be shifts in the voltage range like if HI went to 3.0 volts to 4.0 volts and then back to normal. Also not sure about the frequency of the signal. If normal I think we may suggest replacing the JBE. If abnormal I would assume I have a faulty module in the pt-can system , and my next question would be can I disconnect the two modules with the 120 ohm resistors or will that skew the signal?
  10. Hey just thought I'd chime in.. done about ten of these valve stem seal jobs. Easy money. Never seen anything wrong with any valve guides and your post shows less then 100k on the motor. I'd definitely check the valley pan, upper timing chain covers, and alternator bracket for leaks first to include them as some good up-sales. And make sure if your gonna do the job you have the tools and are planning to keep doing this job because it is pretty slow the first time around.
  11. This image is on the PT-CAN HI and LO tapped in the harness by the DME. Engine OFF... key OFF.... steady at 2 volts with key on the signal kinda skips across the screen (image is key ON engine OFF. same engine on)
  12. Hey guys, so looking in CAS, I don't see anything under service functions to manually WAKE UP the PT-CAN, as far as data goes it shows : Terminal 15 PT-CAN wake up = 12.0 Volts I'll check wiring diagrams to try and confirm this signal is making it to the JBE Also ill get the scope out and try to get an image of pt-can HI and LO. As far as battery and grounds go battery test good with Midtronics tester confirmed 12 volts at back of relay box (behind glove box) All data for terminals show 12 volts as well (term 15, 30, 50 with correct key position) Now IBS is not talking and DME not talking so can't get any associated data, under general service functions battery registration not possible and history shows never been changed (it does have a newer Worldpac battery but with the communication problems i think this may be false data.) Also.... YES, i looked at the bus system overview (and read this nice 46 page Power Supply / CAN system 3 series tech article) I identified that this cars PT-CAN only consist of DME, EKP, and DSC. Meaning no active steering no active cruise control and no automatic transmission. Ccurious where the EDC (suspension) module fits in with the can system. Llooked at the wiring and didn't see any can lines.
  13. OK, went and had a cup of coffee.. So some details. 120 ohm resister for CAN line in both the DSC controller and the JBE. With all PT-CAN bus controller plugged in except DME PT-CAN resistance (at DME connector red and blue/red) 60 ohms measured. Unplug either DSC or JBE goes to 120 ohms, both unplugged goes open. SOI... PT-CAN resistance all OK.
  14. So checked the PT-CAN, at the JBE (disconnected). Pin 1 and 2 (red and blue/red) on the connector i get 120 OHMS. That's with all other modules plugged in, again like i said my brains on vacation so let me know if I'm doing things backwards here. I know spec is 60 ohms but not sure where you guys are taking this measurement. now if I disconnect DME checking resistance of pt-CAN i get 120 ohms at connector at DME. Then checking back at JBE (still disconnected) i get 120 ohms still.
  15. Hey guys, sorry....holidays and racing made last week fly by but I'm back on the M3 now. So tried a hard reset (battery disconnected and terminals jumped) cleared all faults, still no communication to DME or any other module that didn't previously have communication, cleared all faults and most of them all returned. Also, i've tried disconnecting the DSC, DME, EDS (which isn't on my CAN bus chart) none of which have gotten me any communication. As far as i can tell, this doesn't have AFS / EGS / LDM / ACC Now as far as checking the JBE what exactly are you suggesting I check? Visual / wiring / faults? or CAN bus resistances? Thanks again guys trying to settle back into the grove but my brain is still on vacation.