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  1. Well, I just finished changing the pressure relief valve. And it seems like that was the culprit. Thanks Andrew Taylor. Good call. Pressures stay within spec now, no more n276 faults. I can blow through the old valve just barely, but the one I swapped it with I could not. THANK YOU! Mike Webb for all of your input! YOU are extremely knowledgeable! MVB 93 is still reading -.8.0, however there are no timing faults as of yet. Will drive this car a bit more to make sure all is well. Thank you again guys! And thank you Angelo, great Family here!
  2. Thanks guys, i kinda put this on the back burner the last couple days to get some other work done and pay some bills. Will be back on this car tomorrow or Monday. But my thought was the fuel pressure relief valve, as that is just about the only thing left in the system that hasn't been changed. Other than the in tank fuel pump. But pressures and volume kinda rule that out. Will get the car up to temperature, and re-check MVB 103 and 106 Cam follower was replaced
  3. Yeah, I might need one too
  4. OK, well I just got everything back together, fuel pressure still drops to 4-7 bar after about 30 seconds of running at 30-36 bar. MVB 93 now reads -8.0 and doesn't change. Basic settings 94 passes its test it does run smoother than before i did the adjuster and chain and bits, but still isn't right, and i still have fault for n276 mechanical malfunction. Didn't find anything else inside that looked suspicious or that would cause that down pin to shear off
  5. Those are some impressive graphs and information to go along with it. However, the engine is disassembled right now so I can't do any of that just yet. Mike, the cam gears have 19 teeth on them, 360/19=18.9 degrees per tooth. The old chain doesn't really appear to be stretched much, if any its not very noticeable. But, when i loosened the bolt on the ex. cam gear, the gear spun with the bolt and wiped out the dowel pin on the gear. I'm not sure if the gear had already spun on the cam and when I loosened it, it finished it off. Or if it just sheered off when i loosened the bolt. i would think that shouldn't happen just by loosening the bolt. Anyway, I'm waiting on a new exhaust cam gear, and will install that with a new chain and see what happens.
  6. Camshaft wheel key is still there and in tact. NO issue there. Is that really that common? I guess that leaves me with a stretched chain then eh??
  7. Thanks Angelo, that makes me feel a little better. But I'm not sure how I feel about factory putting out shitty information. Sure makes it tough to diagnose properly. oh well. Well i just finished the timing belt, and nothing has changed other than MVB 93 is now reading -9.0 instead of -10.0 So does that leave me with a stretched chain? MVB 94 still won't run the test either I have also emptied the gas tank and put in 5 gallons of fresh 93 octane
  8. i cannot get MVB 94 to RUN the test i re-checked the belt timing, put the crank pulley notch dead nuts on the mark on the cover. And the cam mark looks like a half a tooth off. Is that enough to cause all this? i am doing a timing belt and water pump job on this as well. just haven't done it yet as i put the cam in first, thinking THAT would cure it. When it didn't change anything, I held off on doing the timing belt, till I got some more info. SO....I am going to change the belt now and see what it does. As for the n276, Bentley Manual is also saying resistance spec is 25-30 ohms ALL three that I have measured are 1.5 ohms, I also have a 07 Audi A6 with a 3.2 FSI and Bentley Manual spec for 450-1000 ohms.....and that one also measures 1.5 ohms. And that doesn't have any fuel issues. Is Bentley Manuals wrong here??
  9. Jivi, Strangely enough all three n276's read the same resistance 1.5 ohms WTF? That's just ridiculous i have 3 bad ones. David, The timing belt side of things are in time, cam gear mark and crank pulley mark are right on. Then the cam lock drops right into place. When i changed the cam, i left the exhaust cam alone, didn't touch it. Rolled the intake cam out and then in. Painted chain links and teeth on exhaust gear and on intake side where the dot on the cam was.
  10. Thanks Jivi, I have 3 different HPFP that I have tried, all with their own N276. All three pumps act the same
  11. David, Are you looking for the number in MVB 106 / Field 2? or an ACTUAL scope reading?
  12. MVB 93-3 = -10.0kw and doesn't change MVB 103 at idle reads 6000 mbar or 6 bar, minus 1 bar is 5 bar or 72 psi, mechanical gauge is fluctuating from 40-90 MVB 106 after 5 minutes = 5.1 Bar, but my mechanical gauge reads into high pressure sensor @ 140psi MVB 32 = 0.0% on both blocks MVB 6 = -3.1 MVB 93 reading timing is OFF? And if so, why isn't there a Fault for that? Thanks David, low side pressure just above 1000 RPM is about 70psi on my mechanical gauge and high side pressures are 43-47 bar(in mvbs) I'll get a duty cycle number for you shortly
  13. no oil leak from the rear main pcv has been changed to an ecs catch can setup i have not changed the filter and dont have any info as to when it was, but it looks really shiny and not very old low side pressures were taken from two different spots after the filter, the schrader valve on the hpfp and where the line comes up the frame rail by the strut tower Angelo, the faults were not cleared when i did the reset, ive cleared all dtcs and will get another full scan up shortly, along with answers to the other questions, thanks guys!! Ryan
  14. i changed the cam yesterday, yes it runs well above 1000 rpm. rail pressure drops under 1000 rpm yes.
  15. Voltage Faults are from me disconnecting the battery and doing a hard reset,