BMW OEM Diagnostic Software ISTA 2016

ISTA ( Integrated Service Technical Application)

The ISTA program is BMW’s aftermarket diagnostics and reprogramming software that is designed to use the J2534 API interface to
provide OEM level capabilities. The ISTA application consists of several functionally oriented system components that communicate with
each other, offering various features and functions, through an Internet connected Client/Server arrangement.
Registered Owners of this device is UPDATED FREE.  Ask us about this feature.
ISTA offers powerful BMW and Mini vehicle diagnostic (ISTA/D) and reprogramming (ISTA/P) capabilities, with various options for vehicle
identification for highly specific information searches and guided troubleshooting.
The ISTA system contains:
  • ISTA/D = Diagnostic Side of the Software
  • ISTA/P = Programming Side of the Software
  • KSD - Factory Labor Estimator
  • WebISTA = OFFline (not connected to vehicle when NOT connected to Vehicle for information)
  • Automatic Updates
  • OFFline WDS >2009 MY
  • Additional Utilities and Maintenance Software for Routine Upkeep of System
  • Technical Support for Hardware and System (For Members ONLY)
The above system is offered as a complete system, less the multiplexer for performing a complete Diagnostic/Programming and CIP capability
for our In House Members ONLY.  Call for multiple Level Pricing / Questions or Information by contacting me at the below links. or Angelo: 321-624-2699 / 321-214-0025
Thanks for your Loyal Support and your Cooperation to the "Collective"