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VIN: JF1SG69655G702589
Production Month / Vehicle Year: April / 2004
Make: Subaru
Model: Forester X
Engine: 2.5 turbo
Transmission: Manual 5-Speed
Mileage: 146078
Affected System: Engine / Powertrain Fuel / Injection System
Description of Issue: Hesitation / Cuts Out / Poor Acceleration
Scan Tool: Autoland
Related Repair History: 10-28-13 121326 timing belt and all idlers/tensioner, tune up, all fluids replaced (customer just purchased) 9-6-16 146078 customer complaint low power, jerking and missing all times (found no fault codes) drove on live data misfire counter cylinder 2 and int 3 showed misfires. replaced coils on 2,3. misfire was gone,
Diagnostics / Tests Performed:

Customer brought back said still low on power below 3000 rpm, (from 3000-redlind has great power).
Still no current fault codes. (drive take off in 2nd level ground bucking/surging to 3000rpm, then smooth hard pull.
take off up hill in 1st it will stall if don't ride clutch).

Customer say always had rough idle since he owned car.

We replaced coils on cylinders  1 & 4, all plugs (still same) engine idles rough.
NO misfire heard through tail pipe with ace misfire decteration.

Smoke tested to 5PSI, no leak found.

Scanned data:

  • MAF signal looked high (3.2GPS)
  • Replaced MAF went to 3.6GPS remained same issue
  • Reinstalled old one
  • Advanced valve timing idling @ 0, most seen is +9 (Subaru description of operation should have up to 29).

Fuel pressure dead on spec, Injector drop test 8psi on each injector, ethanol 8%.
Rechecked timing belt dead on time with all marks..

There bulletin describes exact, removed banjo bolts and there no screens.

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You forgot something:

What conditions are the catalysts showing?

  • Temperatures from front to back?
  • Fuel Trims?
  • Front to Rear O2 Sensors Scoped?
  • Compression & leak-down Conditions?

These are the few things that still need to be addressed.

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The (there is only one) banjo with the screen takes some time to get to. It's right near the turbo.
It's mounted in the oil line that feeds the VVT mechanism for passenger side cylinder bank.

I think there is a total of 2 or 3 banjos in the this line alone. Takes some doing to get it out, not a lot of room!
Is this the one you removed? If so and there is no screen someone probably removed it at some point.

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Post up the fuel trim values. (STFT/LTFT). Might help reveal a timing issue.

As for the banjo-bolt filter screens:  If I remember correctly, and it's been a long while since I touched
one of these Subaru VVT turbo motors. But isn't one of the banjo bolts behind the left cam sprocket?   

Dealt with one of these before. Low power complaint and setting VVT (cam timing set-point) fault codes.
Once we got around to removing the banjo-bolt-screen on the turbo's oil-feed line it started blowing massive
amounts of smoke out of the exhaust under load.  

Was pretty obvious at that point; the turbo was cooked due to oil starvation. 

Think the vehicle went to auction after that news. :Bang2:   

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One of the banjos is yes, but its just a regular banjo fitting, no filter/screen.
Only one does and that is the one right near the turbo.

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Whats the LTFT & STFT at Idle & at 50 mph on a flat road.
What is engine vacuum, Turbo Boost readings?

Check MAX Ignition Coil output (Max KV) It needs to be MORE THAN 1/2 inch of Blue Spark, I am looking for 3/4 of an inch Minimum !

What are the STFT% (short term fuel trim %) when this event occurs?
NOTE: If you don't see STFT & LTFT in the "Enhanced mode" back out and go into the PCM in the OBD2 Global Generic side)
Generic side "PIDS" are ALWAYS LIVE, they Never show a "Fixed or Substituted Value" as the OE Enhanced side does !

Compression 171 (with 8 puffs @ WOT)

Fuel Pressure @ Sea Level
41-46 (Unregulated)
30-34 (regulated)

Spark Plugs - NGK ILFR6B  (no other brand!)

Valve Clearance (COLD)
Intake .20 mm (.007 inch)
Exh    .35 mm (.013 inch)






TSB 02-97-05 .gif

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Fuel trim STFT = 1.6-+ LTFT =  -0.8

Catalyst temperature in 450F, out 390F (hard to get readings has full heat shield)

I did find there is new ECM software for rough idle (I have ordered the calibration disc from Subaru)


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If the STFT% are within 10% of Zero, even when the EVENT occurs, and the Front A/F (air fuel ratio sensor) is operating properly...
THEN its not a fuel related (mixture) Issue.

Alright after speaking to Donald on the phone for approx 25 minutes, I would like to post the contents of our conversation.

Donald said: Low Power & missing & jerking #2 or #3 cylinder
-the exhaust pipe pulsations are NORMAL,
   No misfires felt, and that the engine itself feels a little rougher than he would think is expected / normal 

-has replaced COILS OE Hitachi (WorldPak)
-has replaced S Plugs NGK "ILFR6B"
-Still Low Power !

VAC  20-20.5 @ Idle
  Recheck vacuum @ 2000
- sugg add artificial enrichment to the air intake, when the event occurs
- check coil MAX KV (more than 1/2 inch of Blue spark, I am looking for 3/4 inch MINIMUM)
- check the comp, 1st & 9th PUFF
- perform a "Running" compression test (take readings 3X, at Idle, at 2000 rpm & the 1st Puff after WOT)
- ck for OE factory original A/f Sensor (in the exh before the cat) is it Orignal or aftermarket is it a Dealership Part 
  (NO aftermarket A/F sensors in these cars!)


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Took break, went to Petite LeMans" last week, got behind.

Back to the dungeon

the Subaru calibration disc came in.
I re flashed the ECM, after started getting code for air fuel ratio sensor.
(car ran much better, normal power below 3000RPM).

So, I replaced MAF sensor. Now, I can tell difference in running. Customer picked up car and drove 3 days.
He say it's smoother, more power and better overall running since he purchased car 4YR ago.


i'm calling it a pain in the ass FIXED.

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