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VIN: WBADT63472CH95365
Production Month / Vehicle Year: March / 2002
Make: BMW
Model: 530i Sedan (E39)
Engine: L6-3.0L (M54)
Transmission: Automatic 6-Speed
Mileage: 96060
Affected System: Engine / Powertrain EVAP System 0000FA
Description of Issue: Multiple CODES
Scan Tool: BMW OEM – ISTA (Virtual Machine / Clone)
Related Repair History: Replaced: Purge Valve, Leak Detection Pump, Charcoal Canister, Fuel Cap.
Diagnostics / Tests Performed:

This car has been giving us some trouble here at the shop. The customer has had all kinds of problem in the
past with this car, he always fixes it because he loves it. We've serviced his cars for years and aside from this
EVAP issue, the car is in great maintenance condition. Almost every single M54 weak point has been replaced.

The EVAP code that we keep on getting is fault:

0000FA-DME-Function Check Tank Ventilation

The related components that have been replaced have all been replaced due to actual failures with them.
So up until now every time the code returns there has been a faulty/failing part on the car. But now they are
all new and properly working. We even updated DME to most up to date software using a REAL ISTA.

Checked continuity to the components electrically and everything is within spec, voltage where i should have it
and grounds are also good.

Smoke tested EVAP system and found no leaks from lines, gaskets, or filler neck.

When the car performs the test using ISTA it always passes the EVAP test and scan tool recognizes it as a
properly functioning system. All the components actuate properly. And the car leaves here with the EVAP
readiness monitor set and ready.

Yet, a week will pass by and the CEL will return and the code is back, same code every time. At this point I feel
like I might have some sort of DME problem and that there is actually nothing wrong with the EVAP system of the car.

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43 minutes ago, Carlos Escobedo said:

0000FA-DME-Function Check Tank Ventilation

I believe you are getting a HEX Code for this Fault, normally associated to Siemens MS 43.0

Do you know if this DME was "Tuned", as this is related to Fuel Mapping issue.  The .bin file for this
specific DME is incorrect.  Probably due to that you are using a VM version of ISTA.  Seen this before.

VM Versions of ISTA have issues as such.  This is why I build REAL ones.  For "Tuners", VM ISTA is
a good tool, but not for fixing BMW's in the filed.

HEX 0000FA = Decimal 250 = Binary 1111 1010

Therefore, that HEX Code SHOULD be interpolated to DME Code 250, which equal the following:

250 Tank Venting Valve - Function

Now, it's just a matter of tracing the leak through the system, or the vent valve failing
That is if all of this interpolation is correct.........I do believe.

SEARCH InfoServer for needed information.  Please POST up.....as I KNOW YOU will Carlos!! :D

PS.  Call me on a REAL ISTA, LAPTOP or desktop version, keeping in mind that YOU....er
the laptop or Desktop will be "tethered" by the LAN cable to the Ethernet on BMW.  You have the talent,
so don't waste it.

ONE last thing, attache dis the MS43 DME Fault Code List. 
Best Print it out for future reference.  All of this is in the InfoServer in PDF.  But this TEXT File will help my Friend!
Glad to help a Family Member!

MS43_DME_Fault Code LIST.txt

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Smoke test the EVAP system from the fresh air intake on the LDP pump.

Also make sure the vent valve clicks when you activate it.

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Vent Valve clicks when activated and you can hear and feel it when it is running the diagnosis.

And when you say from the fresh air intake on the leak detection pump, do you mean the line
that comes from the intake to the purge valve to the LDP?

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Then this sounds like it is working.  All that is needed now is to insure that it is NOT leaking.
As well as the rest of the EVAP System.

Stand by, think I have the EVAP layout for this model, or it is in the InfoServer.

There are two types of monitoring systems on OBDII vehicles, continuous and non continuous.

The EVAP system in no continuous which means it only runs when prompted by the ECU based on several driving conditions.
Example of a continuous monitor would be a misfire monitor, or catalyst efficiency.
The monitoring process is not complete does not always mean a problem with the system.

The EVAP monitors is primarily a leak detection system which when prompted will pressurize the system, open and
close check valves and determine if there are any leaks in the system above a very small specification.
It also will eventually vent the system to check flow.

There are certain requirements for the system to begin a self test. The car must go through two "drive cycles" in order
for a monitor to be complete. If you have done any modifications in which you have removed a component of the EVAP
system, it will not run.

Some EVAP systems will not run EVAP self tests if the gas tank is less than half full.

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SI B16 01 07
Fuel Supply Systems

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Hey Carlos, what is the OBDII fault, if any?

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Customer has yet to return with vehicle for further testing.
Will update upon return of car.

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I've UNLOCKED this POST Carlos, so you can add a FIX or NOT FIXED,
when the customer returns.  Only ADMINS can add replies to these POSTS
if they are closed.

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