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  • NEW BMW Version ISTA Released!! READ!!
  • BMW NEW ISTA Version: - released 9/16/2018......ALL WINDOWS Application OS MUST be configured for Windows 10 Pro 64bit for proper operation! Contact Angelo for scheduling of Windows OS UPGRADE, along with BMW ISTA You can NO Loner use previous version to Encode and Program "F" - "G" - and "I" model BMW in ISTA/P. If anyone is interested in this ISTA system, please contact me. I'll make you a "Deal you can't refuse"

BMW Bus Structure Manual / READ!

This announcement is no longer active


Greetings Fellow Members.

I should have the BMW Bus Structure Manual completed within the week.  Once I have it assembled,
I will either send a News Note out to all of the Members that have Pre-Ordered & PAID for their Manual, or I will
place this announcement on the new Ticker Tape Banner, I plan to install this weekend.

The Manual will contain the following information:

I cannot see how a shop can't make $$$$ using this Manual in order to cut your Diagnostic Time.  Time is $$$$ in
our Profession, and Diagnostic is the BEST course for making billable hour in a short period of time.

I will estimate this Manual Cost at ~$150.00, or less.  That just ~$1.00 a page in color.

Start making your Pre-Orders to Peter. Call him at 800-660-7156
Or contact me directly at: zehnring@gmail.com
Tell me you seen this on the NEWS Banner, and get FREE Shipping!