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BMW Bus Structure Manual / READ!

This announcement is no longer active


Greetings Fellow Members.

I should have the BMW Bus Structure Manual completed within the week.  Once I have it assembled,
I will either send a News Note out to all of the Members that have Pre-Ordered & PAID for their Manual, or I will
place this announcement on the new Ticker Tape Banner, I plan to install this weekend.

The Manual will contain the following information:

I cannot see how a shop can't make $$$$ using this Manual in order to cut your Diagnostic Time.  Time is $$$$ in
our Profession, and Diagnostic is the BEST course for making billable hour in a short period of time.

I will estimate this Manual Cost at ~$150.00, or less.  That just ~$1.00 a page in color.

Start making your Pre-Orders to Peter. Call him at 800-660-7156
Or contact me directly at: zehnring@gmail.com
Tell me you seen this on the NEWS Banner, and get FREE Shipping!