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  • UPCOMING Training Seminars 2021
  • Upcoming Plans for MAY 2021
  • I need lots of time to schedule the Seminars
  • So...........here's the plan for Training in 2021: I have to schedule out months before I plan to train you guys, as I cannot get quaranteened for 2 weeks. So anyone that wishes to attend one of these, let me know...FAST. Those that have paid for Video Training can either decide to wait, or plan to come to one of the VW/Audi Training Seminars!.

Diagnostic Information, Downloads, and Documents
To ALL LOYAL Members of this "Collective":  It is imperative that all information located in this area be kept ONLY within our Group. 

I am monitoring the IP Addresses that are accessing this information.  
PLEASE, keep this information "Close to the Vest" to protect our access to this area.  Anyone that distributes ANY of this Information outside this group, will be BANNED from this valuable site!

THANK YOU for your LOYALTY and Support!

Your Permission Settings are not set to allow any
access to these Directories and Files. 

Platinum Members ONLY for accessing this valuable in house information!
Contact the Administrator for additional information and permissions.


Peter Reese: 800-660-7156

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Click Here to access the NEXT Cloud Server BMW TIS / ETM / EPC / 2018
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