This is Session 1 of the complete course. Covering the early to late models, starting with I/K Serial Bus through D-Bus (Diagnostic Bus), then onto the CAN Bus System. Yes, this is not going to be 3 Sessions, not with 400+ pages of information.

Session 2 - Continuation of the CAN Bus I/K Serial Bus system and diagnostics Session 3 is limited to troubleshooting techniques for the serial bus, then moves onto the next evolution of CAN Bus, its components, ISTA Diagnostics, and repair.

Session 3 covers the end of the I/K Serial Bus Diagnostic Procedures with simple to follow, easy to do, and quickly nail down the issues. Now that you know how it works, the rest is simple to figure out.

Session 4 introduces the advanced CAS 4 Generation (Advanced Theory and Operational Overview) of the Car Access System and it's responsibilities to communication and operation.

Mercedes Benz

If battery or batteries are dead and in need of replacement. Or battery is disconnected, normalization may need to be performed. Normalization will reset Windows, Sunroof, Steering Angle Sensor, Mirrors and Seat, etc.

This is a simple procedure that can be performed using either appropriate software, or manually. Every time a battery is replaced, do not allow the vehicle to leave, until normalization is checked, or performed!

Overview, strategy and initial diagnostics for the 2003 through 2006 MY Mercedes SL / R230 Model. This single video will be a part of a 4 video presentation of the Dual Battery Operational Overview.

We also cover the batteries, their use in these systems and the relationship in regards to the communication over the CAN-B (Body CAN). All Dual Battery Vehicles from 2003 to present date, will be the complete coverage of these models: R230, W211, W212, W216 and W221.

Session 1 - covers the removal of the SBC Module. Mechanical aspects of the removal procedure are all there for your viewing.

Session 2 - This is the procedure in which you MUST DISABLE the SBC Brake System before removal and/or replacement of the module. Failure to do so will improperly log the new unit when replaced.
WARNING! Serious damage can occur if the SBC Brake Module is unplugged without disabling the SBC Brake System.
Note! Appropriate software must be used to disable the SBC Module! DO NOT UPLUG the SBC Module without DISABLING!

Session 3 - covers the installation of the Factory NEW SBC (Servotronic Brake Module). As this session is ONLY the installation procedure, I'm taking the time to give a history lesson on SBC, and how it came about.

Model/years it was introduced, it's "Claim to Fame", its reversion back to standard ABS/ESP standard braking system, all except for a handful of models. This Session is for all to watch and gain that knowledge of this system, as they are still out there. With a 10 Year, or 100,000 warranty, two recalls, there may be a few still out there that need servicing.


Session 1 - VW/Audi and many other European Makes use this System for controlled Cooling of the engine and vehicle interior. This is an electronically controlled thermostat system. Other European model cars use this similar set up (BMW). This is a course to familiarize the professional technician on the operation, design, topology and diagnosis of a MAP controlled thermostat. This is a 3 session course that covers all the aspects of the MAP controlled thermostate.

Session 2 - Now it's time to get down to what makes this MAP Controlled Thermostat operate. We'll cover all of the inputs and outputs - including all of the components in relationship to the J220 ECM - and the strategies and the end results when it is all working right.

Session 3 - This is the final installment of sessions for the MAP controlled thermostat for Volkswagen and Audi Models.