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  1. I want to start a new post, but get a notice that I have three open posts. I closed all three a long time ago and two of them again last night. Still getting the open posts message.

    Could you help please?

    The good news is that I am now able to sign into the website.

    Fred Avery

    1. Administrator



      READ the email I sent out last night, as you have some older ones that are still open.  This warning shows the Member only 3 at a time, as that is suppose to be as many as a Member should have open at once.

      Once you go to ACTIVITY, look below on that toolbar and you will have to click on "CONTENT I STARTED"

      Then on the WHITE toolbar, click "FOLLOWING", set it to earliest POSTS.  All BLUE POSTS are OPEN, RED are closed with NOT FIXED and GREEN are FIXED.

      You'll have to close all of the blue POSTS to FIXED or NOT FIXED.  Everyone has to "Clean up their mess", as the DB is nothing, if it does not have a fix to the issue.  Howe's that going to help anyone else that will have the same issue??  It's called participation.  This way, the others will see the examples set bu the GOOD Techs on the site, and will follow suit.

      IF YOU STILL HAVE AN ISSUE GETTING THIS DONE, CALL PETER AT THE 800 Number, and he'll walk you through it.  I'm working on the InfoServers and trying to get them up and online.  What a bitch this is.  24+ hours invested in this, and not even 1/3 through it!  If the Members don't appreciate and use this information system, I'm likely to "Pull the Plug" and take that Afghanistan job.

      For an old War Horse like me, if someone pisses me off, I'll just shoot them. :Bang:

      If you can't get a hold of Peter, call me: 321-214-0025