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News Notice
  • NEW BMW Version ISTA Released!! READ!!
  • BMW NEW ISTA Version: - released 9/16/2018......ALL WINDOWS Application OS MUST be configured for Windows 10 Pro 64bit for proper operation! Contact Angelo for scheduling of Windows OS UPGRADE, along with BMW ISTA You can NO Loner use previous version to Encode and Program "F" - "G" - and "I" model BMW in ISTA/P. If anyone is interested in this ISTA system, please contact me. I'll make you a "Deal you can't refuse"

Powerpoint / Training Seminar Manuals

Powerpoint Training in regards to Diagnostics, and Overview of latest systems:

BMW (For Example) - But also covering all of the German Makes of vehicles and Systems
Brake Systems ABS/ASR/Hill Hold
Emergency Limp Home Mode
Energy Management System (SoC & SoH) Conditions / Consumer Shit OFF Condition
DME Engine Management System
Transmission Overview
Central Locking / ZKE Criteria / Alarm System / Convenience System
Body Electronics I, II, III, IV / Overview
ISTA Diagnostics
Xentry/SDS Diagnostics
ODIS/VAS/VAG - VCDS Diagnostics
Body Energy Management Systems v.1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Body Electronics v.1, 2, 3, 4
Just to name a few above, covering entire Systems of the "E" and "F" Series
Mercedes-Benz Energy Management Systems
Powertrain Diagnostics & Overview
Mercedes 129/R230 Soft Top
Mercedes 722.9 Transmission Diagnostics
Audi and Volkswagen Soft-Top Diagnostics
Climate Control Systems Diagnostics v.1, 2, 3, 4

Details to Coverage / Overview / Diagnostics attached to each Training Manual Listed: $125.00 Each
Reduced prices for multiple purchases for manuals

PowerPoint Presentations are available as well, at a reduced cost for Members: 321-214-0025

Training Videos covering the entire list of Diagnostics to get in Tune with the NEW Technology, and the above listed systems
There will soon be over 40 Manuals of Overview, Diagnostics, Point-2-Point Understanding of the systems and how they work, as
How you Going to FIX It.....if you DO NOT Know How It Works.

Ask any of my Members, that were uninformed to these systems.  And now..........it's a totally different story of their knowledge.

And More...........Call us on this list of things to come. 





If you wish to purchase any of these manuals, please contact me directly at 321-214-0025

Or email directly to technical@aeuromotive.com